GEMW also refers to the Grand Exchange Market Watch.

exchange=gemw is the parameter/variable used in the Infobox Item template to automatically add the Grand Exchange Market Watch price plus an update link in the infobox for the item.

Setting the "exchange" parameter to "gemw" also automatically add a link to Jagex's Grand Exchange Database for quick reference. In addition to that, the Grand Exchange Market History image for that item is displayed at the bottom of the infobox.

For an example of this parameter being used, see the Bones article. To view the actual coding and documentation, see Template:Infobox Item.

The "exchange" parameter[editar | editar código]

Average price of the item in the Grand Exchange. This is the default Grand Exchange price, i.e. the average market price set by the game when selling or buying the item.

If the item has a Grand Exchange Market Watch page, set this field to "gemw" (or {{GEPrice|Item name}}) to automatically add the Grand Exchange price. If the item is not tradeable, this field will be hidden (not shown), and the field may be removed or left blank.


  • gemw - adds the "update" link for updating the Exchange price. Make sure the "name" parameter matches the item's in-game name.
  • {{GEPrice|Item name}} - no "update" link provided
  • no - displays the text "Not sold"; used for tradeable items not found in the Grand Exchange
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