• Hey Ajente, 

    I dont know if you remember me, im Raw Lobbs from Brazilian/Portuguese Community, i am Admin of Runescape Wiki Portuguese, can you add me in game and have a chat? I have some plans to a Global Event with all Runescape Wikies Community involved to help advert local communities and interact everyone in a same place.

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    • Hi, lobbs! Yes, I remember you perfectly.

      Sure, it will be a pleasure to meet us in-game. Right now I don't have too much time to log me in (I've not logged in RS in 2 weeks), but give me a date, and hour and a place, and I'll do my best to go.

      Generally, my conection time is between 0:00 UTC and 06:00 UTC, so you can try to get me in between these hours.

      See you then!

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    • Alright, English Community will join too, i will contact another communities and give you some details, so you can advert here too and bring friends and spanish players :)

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    • Oh! And btw, If you have Skype, there's a small (inactive but useful) Skype group with some French, German and Dutch Community leaders (Red Corser, G Laraque17 and Addanyrs).

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    • Oh i need it, add me in the group please


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    • Done. ;)

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    • Un usuario de FANDOM
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