The Elemental talisman is an item that allows players to enter all four of the elemental altars which they must enter if they wish to craft elemental runes. Unlike all other talismans, it cannot be bound into a tiara or a runecrafting staff. The four elemental altars are Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. It cannot craft Elemental runes. Also, since it is connected to all four of the elemental altars, when a player attempts to locate an altar with it, they will get the message "You cannot tell which direction the Talisman is pulling...". This occurs every time, unless the player is closer to one altar than the other three. If that is the case, the locate message is the same as any normal talisman i.e. "The talisman pulls to the North-East".

Elemental talismans can be obtained as drops from the monsters of The Abyss.

This talisman is not used often because people almost always craft each rune separately. In addition, as this talisman cannot be used to craft Combination runes, it brings the usage down even more. An Elemental talisman can be seen on the shelves in the magic shop at Port Sarim.

Using this talisman on a wicked hood will allow the hood to use its rune-creating abilities twice a day.

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