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Evolution of Combat
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It's finally here! The Evolution of Combat has been released, and it's a huge update, so please be patient as we improve our articles. If you're feeling benevolent, why not lend us a hand and correct any outdated information you notice? a
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  • The RSW clan citadel is running a weekly raffle, with prizes of 3 million coins up for grabs each week! You can read about the raffle here and the RSW citadel here.
  • All item pages now have interactive charts in their infoboxes! You can see the exact price at any recorded moment in the Grand Exchange's history in these. Just click the "Enlarge chart" button above the chart to see more details about it.
  • Submissions for this year's Christmas theme are now open. Please submit your themes and logos here.
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Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan, more often referred to simply as Lord Drakan is the vampyric overlord and conqueror of the majority of the Morytania region. Drakan has adopted many titles to assert his authority, amongst them "Prince of the Blood" and "Regent of the Sanguine Fields". He was in Zamorak's party that attacked Zaros in his stronghold and as a reward got Hallowvale, which he invaded, conquered and renamed Morytania, slaughtering the Icyene and their king Ascertes and Queen Efaritay in the process. Read more…
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11 December

  • Solomon's General Store: Captain and Crew Outfits - Player-owned ports have arrived to sate the seafaring swashbuckler in all of us, and I’ve stocked my store with the perfect complement: captain and crew outfits! Read more...

11 December

  • Player-Owned Ports - Hoist anchor, set sail and splice the mainbrace like it's never been spliced before: Player-Owned Ports are here! Read more...

10 December

  • One Million Likes - Book of Faces Now Unlocked! - We've reached one million likes over on the RuneScape Facebook page. To celebrate we've awarded everybody - free players and members alike - with a unique Book of Faces cosmetic reward! Read more...

7 December

  • Winter Weekends: Double Minigame Rewards for Members - This weekend, the theme is double minigame rewards! Jump into several of your favourite minigames and D&Ds anytime this Saturday and Sunday, and what you win will be doubled! Read more...

7 December

  • Squeal of Fortune: Combat Overload - A unique TzHaar whip and combat skill pendants to win on Squeal of Fortune! Read more...

4 December

  • The Brink of Extinction - Grandmaster Quest - Crushing combat and ethical quandaries abound in this fully voiced Grandmaster quest, which concludes the two-part TzHaar series started with The Elder Kiln. Save the TzHaar from extinction and you'll earn some of the most rocking rewards we've ever offered: the ability to smith and wear obsidian armour, a TzHaar title, and access to a new solo combat zone - the Fight Cauldron! Read more...
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17 jaanuar 2021
No date 169
Common Trade Index
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Grand Exchange
Grand Exchange
A festive Grand Exchange in winter time.

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The title of the quest The Great Brain Robbery is a reference to the book The Great Train Robbery.

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