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To update the market price of items in the Grand Exchange Market Watch:
  1. Click on the edit link in any of the Grand Exchange Market Watch pages, or update in the "Exchange price" section in the item article's infobox (present only if exchange=gemw).
  2. Delete the value in LastDate=.
  3. Move the value in Date= to LastDate=. (Copy+Paste)
  4. Add 5 tildes (~~~~~) to Date= to add the current time/date.
  5. Delete the value in Last=.
  6. Move the value from Price= to Last=. (Copy+Paste)
  7. Add the current market price to Price= (with commas and without k or m; i.e. "42,000", not "42000" or "42k").
  8. Click the Save page button to save the changes.
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Coal Coal

Current data

  • Price: 219 coins
  • Date last updated: 18:29, December 13, 2012 (UTC) → 3268 days ago

Other details

  • Grand Exchange Database ID number: 453
  • Low Alchemy price: Unknown
  • High Alchemy price: Unknown
  • Store price: Unknown

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