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<mainpage-leftcolumn-start />
{| width="100%" border="0"
|- valign="middle"
| class="mainpage" id="aotm" valign="top" | <div class="mainpage" id="aotm"><h3>Article of the Month</h3></div>
{{Article of the month}}
| class="mainpage" id="updates" valign="top" | <div class="mainpage" id="updates"><h3>Recent [[updates|''RuneScape'' News]]</h3></div>
|- valign="middle"
| class="mainpage" id="news" |
<div class="mainpage" id="news"><h3>Recent Wiki News</h3></div>
|- valign="middle"
| class="mainpage" id="uotm" | <div class="mainpage" id="uotm"><h3>User of the Month</h3></div>
{{user of the month}}
<mainpage-endcolumn />
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| class="mainpage" id="cti" |
<div class="mainpage" id="cti"><h3>[[Grand_Exchange_Market_Watch/Common_Trade_Index|CTI]] Today: {{GE Common Trade Index}} {{GE Common Trade Index/Change}}</h3></div>
<div class="mainpage" id="popular">
<h3>Popular articles</h3></div>
{{Popular articles}}
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