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Welkom, Sannse, op de Nederlandse RuneScape Wiki!
We merkten dat je al een wijziging hebt gemaakt aan onze wiki, en hopen het dat je het naar je zin zult hebben bij onze Community.

Gelieve je berichten op overlegpagina's steeds te tekenen met je naam. Hiervoor kan je vier tildes gebruiken (~~~~) of met de "handtekening/sign" knop (Signatureknop) boven het venster voor het bewerken van tekst. Hierdoor wordt automatisch met je naam en de huidige tijd en datum getekend. Tekenen is belangrijk, omdat andere gebruikers zo kunnen zien van wie het bericht is. Gelieve gewone pagina's niet te tekenen, enkel overlegpagina's.

Nogmaals, welkom!

--Darth Stefan 30 mrt 2009 18:49 (UTC)Darth StefanOverlegpagina

Concerning a vandal Edit

Dear Wikia staff*. Some time ago a new user, Shershah Zarin entered our wiki, and started creating a lot of articles. These articles, though, were often one-line articles, and had very bad Dutch grammar. We warned Shershah not to do this, because we want correct Dutch on our articles. Then he started doing things like adding very unrelated categories to pages (example) and we decided to block him for a week. We also warned him that if he would continue this kind of thing, he would get an infinite block. After the block he did continue (like at this page) so he got his infinite block. After that, he created accounts to evade his block, which got blocked immediately (Shershah zarin 2, Shershah zarin 23 and Shershah123456789) and the account Foxyproxy did exactly the same things (like here), so we assume he is another account of Shershah. Then Ikikikik, Graham zarin (also did the same on the Dutch Avatar Wiki. (his contributions there)), Charmed0009 and Mcfaker were found to be Shershah's sockpuppets, and were blocked too. With his IP he sent a rude message to an admin here, which was once more reason to believe he does not want to help wikis he edits. Then we found that Shershah also created wikis other than the previously closed nl.runescape9info wiki (the Runescape4info wiki, the Boks wiki and the Vogels Wiki, which has a lot of information directly copied from Wikipedia, without attribution. the Runescape1info wiki copies its information directly from this wiki without attribution). We found this enough to contact you, but we decided to give Shershah one more chance. We invited him to the IRC (here's the message we sent him) to be able to discuss it directly. But he didn't show up and we decided to give him yet another chance, and let him decide the time, but his answer was the time that was just said not to be an option (his answer) so then we decided to contact you. I hope you see this user does not want to help the wikis he edits, but just wants achievements. He doesn't help any wiki he edits, and should be blocked globally, with his IP being blocked too, blocking account creation. This user does not help any wiki at all, and keeps ban evading. For some more examples you could check the forum page at our wiki, which has some more links in it.


Joeytje50 JOEYTJE50TALK_ feb 28, 2011 18:26 (UTC)

*This message is not particularly to you, but as you were involved with some of the wikis of Shershah, I place this on your talk page.

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