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The External template adds links to RuneScape Classic Wiki, RuneScape Wiki, and Wikipedia in the top right corner of an article. It combines the functions of the previous RSC page, RSW, and WP also templates.


{{External|rsc=RSCW page|rs=RSW page|wp=Wikipedia page}}

If the page name on the other wiki is the same as on this wiki, use these as unnamed parameters:

  • To add a link to the RuneScape Classic Wiki, use rsc
  • To add a link to the RuneScape Wiki, use rs
  • To add a link to Wikipedia, use wp

If the page name on the other wiki is not the same as the page name on this wiki, use the above as named parameters, with the value being the correct name. These methods can be mixed. The order does not matter - the output order is always WP-RSC-RS.


On the Abyssal whip article, {{External|rs}} produces:

On the Cabbage article, {{External|rsc|rs|wp}} produces:

On the Bronze med helm article, {{External}} produces:

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