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This documentation is transcluded from PreloadPage/doc.


This template is mainly for the sake of categorising preload templates. Place the code on the parent template and make sure that it is part of the transclusion (it cannot be within no include tags or outside includeonly). The template works by allowing the categories to be transcluded only on template:namespace pages that end with the word preload. It works because the preload templates actually use the template's code itself within them.


All preload pages are listed below by dynamic page list (meaning that it does not need to be updated manually); however, for the preload to be available, Template:Stdpreloads will need to be updated manually. After which, you should clear your cache to allow the change to be visible

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There are currently 0 preload templates


namespace = Template

titlematch = %/preload|%/Preload

category = Preload_templates

replaceintitle = %/preload%,

columns = 3

format = ,\n,*%TITLE%