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Displays values entered into the Grand Exchange Market Watch pages that can be used to help perform calculations and display prices where the full table might be inappropriate.

Warning: This template cannot be used when programming calculators, as the values contain commas by default. Instead, one must use Template:GEP or add a |n with the following syntax: {{GEP|Blue partyhat}} or {{GEPrice|Blue partyhat|n}}.[1]


"{{GEPrice|Bones}}" will yield the value of Bones as recorded on Exchange:Bones (Mall:Exchange:Bones). Therefore, "{{GEPrice|Blue partyhat}}" displays "Mall:Exchange:Blue partyhat" (with commas)

As mentioned above, this template cannot be used in calculators. The expression parer function cannot process commas, as shown below.

"{{#expr:{{GEPrice|Blue partyhat}}}}" → "Fel i uttryck: Okänt skiljetecken "[""[2]

See also

  • Template:GEItem
  • Template:GEP[1]
  • Template:GEPriceUpdate


  1. 1,0 1,1 See also Template:,, which performs an identical function to Template:GEP, though the latter remains the preferred option.
  2. This example exists to show what happens when commas are allowed within expressions.