2001 was the first year for RuneScape. The game showed was very different from today, with less world space, no membership and many other features that now exist. RuneScape was ruled by clans for the majority of 2001, but when the Wilderness was introduced and the world became safe from PKers, clans took a backseat in the evolution process of RuneScape. Overall, over 1 million people were introduced to RuneScape.

The following is the list of events that happened in 2001.

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April Edit

  • 6 April: The Kingdom of Asgarnia is opened on Friday. Black Knights Fortress quest is released. Doric's Quest is released.

May Edit

  • 8 May: Goblin Diplomacy quest is released. Making jewellery and pottery is introduced. 3rd server is added.
  • 24 May:
    • Good Magic and Evil magic are converted into the Magic skill.
    • Jagex removed pop-up windows from their website.
  • 26 May: Jagex updated prayers so they last 50% longer.

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