Cooking fire

A player cooking food on a fire.


The Cooking skill is used to prepare raw food materials for a number of reasons, including the restoring of Hitpoints and the temporary boosting of skill levels.

There are many different types of food in RuneScape, each healing a different amount of Hitpoints. However, as with all skills, players must reach certain levels to cook certain foods. Cooking is also a very popular skill to raise, as many players like to sell food they have cooked to other players. This can give great profit, as many players are willing to purchase food already cooked. Cooking also has a larger variety of training options than any other skill. The current minimum requirement to be ranked (at rank 2,000,000) on the hiscores for Cooking is level 51.

How to cook Edit

Cooking range

A player cooking food on a range.

Players can cook in different ways. They can cook their food on a fire, a spit, a Sulphur Vent or they can cook their food on a range. Ranges are labeled on the map as a cooking pan (Rangeicon) icon. It is important to note that only meat, fish,and tea can be cooked on a fire.

To cook, players have to use their food with a range or a fire. If they have more than one food item of the same kind in their inventory, a menu will ask them how many items they want to cook.

Interestingly enough, there is a way to reverse the effects of cooking something. If a player happens to be teleported to Evil Bob's Island with cooked food (food that requires cooking only, not adding toppings or extra ingredients such as cheese or potatoes, such as meat, and fish.) such as beef or sharks in their inventory can use the food on one of the two un-cooking pots, effectively turning it back into raw food. If the player tries to use an already-raw piece of food with the un-cooking pot however, the game will display a message box saying "That is already raw". Examples of food that will not work with the un-cooking pot are:

  • Pizza, with or without any toppings
  • Any sort of baked potato that has not had any topping applied to it. Normal baked potatoes (potatoes that have been cooked but no topping has been applied to them) are able to be used with the un-cooking pot on Evil Bob's Island.
  • Cake. Includes chocolate, sponge, and mint cakes.

Some of the food that works with the un-cooking pot on Evil Bob's Island:

  • Rat meat, beef, etc.
  • Any kind of fish, excluding seasoned sardines.

Items needed Edit

There are many items that players need in order to cook food, such as water or flour. Listed below are the items needed to cook certain kinds of food.

Cookables Edit

Meat Edit

Players can obtain meat from killing chickens, cows, bears, yaks, and giant rats. When a player cooks raw chicken, the name becomes cooked chicken. However, when a player cooks raw beef, raw bear meat, or raw rat meat, the name becomes cooked meat for all three kinds. If meat is used on the fire after it is already cooked, it will become burnt and a message will say, "You deliberately burn the nicely cooked meat."

Image Name Level Experience Heals Notes
Cooked meat Cooked meat 1 30 3 Any player can cook raw beef, raw bear meat, raw yak meat, or raw rat meat.
Cooked chicken Cooked chicken 1 30 3 Any player can cook raw chicken.
Cooked rabbit Cooked rabbit 1 30 5 Members can find rabbits on Miscellania, Isafdar, and Relleka. They may be also be bought from Charter ship shops. Rabbits can be cooked on a fire.
Sinew Sinew 1 10 Cannot be consumed Players can make sinews by selecting the Make Sinew option on the screen that appears when trying to cook meat. Its use is to spin it into crossbow strings.
Roasted bird meat Roasted bird meat 11 62 6 Members can hunt birds and cook the meat on a spit.
Roast Rabbit Roasted rabbit 16 72 7 Members can find rabbits on Miscellania, Isafdar, and Relleka. They may be also be bought from Charter ship shops. Roasted rabbits can be made with an Iron spit and a fire.
Spideronastick Spider on stick 16 80 7-10 Members can roast spiders on a skewer stick by cutting a thatching spar with a machete from the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame, then using the stick with a spider carcass. An arrow shaft may also be used, but cannot be re-used like a skewer stick.
Crab meat Crab meat 21 100 10 Members can get Crab meat from the Mogre Camp after completing Recipe for Disaster (Pirate Pete) quest.
Talaksan:Raw beast meat.PNG Roasted beast meat 21 82 8 Members can hunt kebbits and cook the meat on a spit.
Talaksan:Cookedchompy.PNG Cooked chompy 30 140 10 Members can hunt Chompy birds and cook the meat on a spit.
Talaksan:Cooked jubbly.png Cooked jubbly 41 160 15 Members can hunt Jubbly birds and cook the meat on a spit after completing Recipe for Disaster (Skrach Uglogwee) quest.
Talaksan:Oomliewrap.png Oomlie wrap 50 30 14 Members can find Oomlie birds in the Kharazi Jungle after starting Legends Quest. Players must wrap Raw oomlies with a Palm Leaf before cooking the meat or else they will burn it.
Cooked meat Ugthanki meat 1 40 3 Members can cook Ugthanki meat

Fish Edit

Fish are the most common food to cook in RuneScape, due to the availability. They heal a great amount of Hitpoints and are the recommended food to eat when in combat. Fish can be easily obtained by Fishing or bought in large amounts from other players.

Image Name Level Experience Heals Notes
Crayfish Crayfish 1 30 1 Created by cooking raw crayfish.
Shrimp Shrimp 1 30 3 Created by cooking raw shrimp.
Karambwanji Karambwanji 1 10 3 Members can create karambwanji by cooking raw karambwanji.
Sardine Sardine 1 40 3 Created by cooking raw sardine.
Anchovies Anchovies 1 30 1 Created by cooking raw anchovies.
Karambwan Karambwan 1 80 18 Members can create karambwan by cooking raw karambwan twice; once and it'll poison instead.
Herring Herring 5 50 5 Created by cooking raw herring.
Mackerel Mackerel 10 60 6 Members can create mackerel by cooking raw mackerel.
Trout Trout 15 70 7 Created by cooking raw trout.
Cod Cod 18 75 7 Members can create cod by cooking raw cod.
Pike Pike 20 80 8 Created by cooking raw pike.
Salmon Salmon 25 90 9 Created by cooking raw salmon.
Slimy Eel Slimy eel 28 95 7-9 Members can create by cooking raw slimy eel.
Tuna Tuna 30 100 10 Created by cooking raw tuna.
Rainbow fish Rainbow fish 35 110 11 Members can create by cooking raw rainbow fish.
Cave Eel Cave eel 38 115 8-10 Members can create by cooking raw cave eel.
Lobster Lobster 40 120 12 Created by cooking raw lobster.
Bass Bass 43 130 13 Members can create bass by cooking raw bass.
Swordfish Swordfish 45 140 14 Created by cooking raw swordfish.
Lava Eel Lava Eel 53 30 9-11 Members can create by cooking raw lava eel after completing Heroes' Quest.
Talaksan:Cookedmonkfish.PNG Monkfish 62 150 16 Members can create monkfish by cooking raw monkfish. Requires Swan Song quest.
Shark Shark 80 210 20 Members can create shark by cooking raw shark.
Sea turtle Sea turtle 82 212 21 Members can create sea turtle by cooking raw sea turtle (can only be obtained from fishing trawler minigame).
Manta ray Manta ray 91 216 22 Members can create manta ray by cooking raw manta ray. (Manta ray heals more hitpoints in one bite than any other food, excluding Tuna potato, which heals the same amount.)( can only be obtained from fishing trawler minigame)


Members can also cook snail meat, obtained by killing snails in the Mort Myre swamp and Haunted Forest, southeast of the Slayer master Mazchna (both areas are in Morytania). The Priest in Peril quest has to be finished to access both areas. There are more snails in the eastern part of the swamp than in the Haunted Forest. Once a player has found a snail, they can then kill it, pick up the raw snail meat, and then cook it.

Image Name Level Experience Heals
Thin snail Thin snail 12 70 5 to 7
Lean snail Lean snail 17 80 6 to 8
Fat snail Fat snail 22 95 7 to 9


To make bread, players need to first make flour, which is then used with a jug of water or a bucket of water to make the dough. The dough can only be cooked on a range, not on a fire. When the dough is baked, it becomes bread.

Image Name Level Experience Total healing Notes
Talaksan:Bread.gif Bread 1 40 5 Mix water in some flour and create bread dough, then cook it on a range.
Talaksan:Pitta bread.gif Pitta bread 58 40 Cannot be consumed This dough is members only. It is used to make ugthanki kebabs.

Pies Edit

Pies require two bites to be fully consumed, thus giving players a bit more health than other foods. For example, when a player eats a redberry pie, they will only eat one half of it. The other half will stay in the dish which can be consumed later. To make pie, players need to mix flour and water together and then make some pastry dough. Players then need to use the dough with a pie dish. Then, the player can put in extra ingredients to make them heal more, such as meat to make a meat pie. When they are finished putting in the ingredients, the pie can then be baked.

Image Name Level Experience Total healing Notes
Talaksan:Pie.gif Redberry pie 10 78 10 in two bites Redberries are needed to make this pie. Redberries can be bought from Port Sarim's food store, or they can be picked up from their respawns south of Varrock. Members can grow their own.
Talaksan:Pie.gif Meat pie 20 110 12 in two bites Cooked meat is needed to make this pie. Meat is dropped by killing Bears, Cows, Chickens, and Giant rats.
Talaksan:Mud pie.gif Mud pie 29 128 Cannot be consumed This pie is members only. Compost, water, and clay are needed to make this pie. It can be tossed at players when it is cooked. When tossed, the target loses half of his/her run energy.
Talaksan:Pie.gif Apple pie 30 130 14 in two bites Apples are needed to make this pie. Free players can only get apples from the cooking guild, while members can buy apples from Frenita's Cookery Shop in Yanille, grow their own apples, or take one from the table in the farming shop north of Ardougne.
Talaksan:Garden pie.gif Garden pie 34 128 12 in two bites This pie is members only. Tomatoes, onions, and cabbage are needed to make this pie. These items can be grown by players, or picked from farms around Lumbridge and Draynor Village. Each bite of this pie raises farming 3 temporarily.
Talaksan:Fish pie.gif Fish pie 47 164 12 in two bites This pie is members only. Trout, cod, and potatoes are needed to make this pie. The fish can be fished and the potatoes can be grown or picked from farms around Lumbridge and Draynor Village. Each bite of this pie raises fishing 3 temporarily.
Talaksan:Admiral pie.gif Admiral pie 70 210 16 in two bites This pie is members only. Salmon, tuna, and potatoes are needed to make this pie. The fish can be fished and the potatoes can be grown or picked from farms around Lumbridge and Draynor Village. Each bite of this pie raises fishing 5 temporarily.
Talaksan:Wild pie.gif Wild pie 85 240 22 in two bites This pie is members only. Raw bear meat, raw chompy meat, and raw rabbit meat is needed to make this pie. Raw bear meat can be obtained by killing bears, raw chompy meat can be obtained by killing a chompy (see the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest), and raw rabbit meat can be obtained by killing rabbits. Each bite of this pie raises Slayer by 5 temporarily and raises Ranged by 4 temporarily.
Talaksan:Summer pie.gif Summer pie 95 260 22 in two bites This pie is members only. Strawberries, watermelons, and apples are needed to make this pie. All of these items can be grown by players. Apples can also be taken from the cooking guild. Each bite restores 10% of run energy and increases Agility by 5 temporarily.

Stew Edit

To make stew, players need a bowl and some cooked meat or cooked chicken. Next, the bowl has to be filled with water. Potatoes are needed next. They can be found around the farms near Draynor Village and Lumbridge or members can grow potatoes themselves. Members can also buy potatoes from Hudo's Grand Tree Groceries in the Grand Tree or from Frenita's Cookery Shop in Yanille. Players then have to add the cooked meat and potatoes to the bowl of water and then cook the bowl to make stew.

Image Name Level Experience Total healing Notes
Talaksan:Stew.gif Stew 25 117 11 To make Stew players must put cooked meat and a raw potato in a Bowl of water.
Talaksan:Curry.gif Spicy stew 25 117 11 This stew is members only. However, players need to complete Evil Dave's part of the Recipe for Disaster quest. To make this stew, players need to add several spices to a regular stew. Each spice affects a different set of skills, raising or lowering them, although certain spices show a correlation to the group of skills they change. For more information see temporary boosts.
Talaksan:Curry.gif Curry 60 280 19 This stew is members only. To make curry, players need to use either spice or add three curry leaves (grown using the farming skill) before cooking the stew. Spices can be bought or stolen using the Thieving skill in Ardougne's market or bought from the Culinareomancer's Chest.

Pizza Edit

Many players like to use pizzas to heal themselves as they heal large amounts of Hitpoints. Like pies, pizzas are consumed in two bites, so that players can eat one half and save the other half for when it's needed. To make a pizza, mix flour with water and make a pizza base. Add a tomato and a slice of cheese on the base. Both a tomato and a slice of cheese can be taken from Aggie the Witch's house in Draynor Village, north of the bank; and also in the Bandit Camp in the Wilderness. They can also be bought from the food store in Port Sarim. When the tomato and cheese are added to the pizza base, the pizza must be baked. It is possible to add various toppings to the pizza after baking it.

Image Name Level Experience Total healing Notes
Talaksan:Pizza.gif Plain pizza 35 143 14 This is a pizza with only tomatoes and cheese.
Talaksan:Meat pizza.gif Meat pizza 45 169 16 This is a pizza with meat added on it. To make a meat pizza, players need to kill a bear, cow, chicken, or giant rat, cook the meat they drop, then use it on the pizza. Meat includes the meat from cows, chickens, rats, and bears as they are all the same.
Talaksan:Anchovy pizza.gif Anchovy pizza 55 182 18 This is a pizza with anchovies added on it. To make an anchovy pizza, players need to fish some anchovies, cook them, and then add them to the pizza.
Talaksan:Pineapple pizza.gif Pineapple pizza 65 195 22 This pizza is members only. To make a pineapple pizza, players need a pineapple, which can be obtained by killing the monsters on Karamja, picked from pineapple plants on Karamja or Ape Atoll, or bought from Hudo's Grand Tree Groceries and Funch's Fine Groceries. The pineapple can be cut into chunks or slices with a knife.

Cake Edit

Cakes require three bites to be fully consumed, so if a player clicks on a cake, they will still have two other pieces left. To make a cake, players need flour, an egg, milk, and a cake tin. Eggs are found near the chicken coops around Lumbridge, while milk can be obtained by milking dairy cows with a bucket. Dairy cows are found near the level 2 cows around Lumbridge, and also on a farm south of Falador, which also houses a churn. When all of these items are placed in the cake tin, the cake can be cooked on a range.

Image Name Level Experience Total healing Notes
Cooked fishcake Cooked fishcake 31 100 11 This cake is members only. To make it, players have to have completed section one of the Recipe for Disaster quest. The ingredients needed to make this cake are: ground cod, ground kelp, ground giant crab, and breadcrumbs. To make these items ground, use them with a pestle and mortar.
Talaksan:Cake.png Cake 40 180 12
Talaksan:Chocolate cake.gif Chocolate cake 50 210 15 To make this cake, a chocolate bar or Chocolate dust has to be added. Chocolate bars can be taken from their respawn in the cooking guild or bought from Port Sarim's food store or Hudo's Grand Tree Groceries. One slice of this cake can also be bought from the cook in Ardougne market (or stolen).

Potato Toppings Edit

Potato Toppings are members only.

Image Name Level Experience Total healing Notes
Talaksan:Spicy sauce.png Spicy sauce 9 25 2 Use Gnome spice and garlic on a bowl
Talaksan:Chilli con carne.png Chilli con carne 11 55 5 Use spicy sauce with cooked meat
Talaksan:Scrambled egg.png Scrambled egg 13 50 5 Use an egg with a bowl. Use the bowl with a range
Talaksan:Egg and tomato.png Egg and tomato 23 50 8 Use a scrambled egg with a tomato
Talaksan:Fried onions.png Fried onions 42 60 5 Cook an onion with a bowl.
Talaksan:Shrooms.gif Fried mushrooms 46 60 5 Cook a mushroom with a bowl.
Talaksan:Cooking mushroomonion.gif Mushroom and onion 57 120 11 Fried mushroom and fried onion
Talaksan:Tuna and corn.png Tuna and corn 67 204 13 Use cooked sweetcorn with a bowl and tuna

Baked Potato Edit

Baking potatoes are members only.

Image Name Level Experience Total healing Notes
Talaksan:Potato.gif Potato (not baked) 1 0 1 When eaten raw, it will say that it is nasty.
Talaksan:Potato baked.gif Baked potato 7 15 4 Players can only cook a potato on a range, otherwise it will burn.
Talaksan:Potato buttered.gif Potato with butter 39 95.5 14 Use a baked potato with a Pat of butter.
Talaksan:Potato chillicarne.gif Chilli potato 41 165.5 14 Use a Potato with butter with a Chilli con carne topping (see above).
Talaksan:Potato cheese.gif Potato with cheese 47 199.5 16 Use a Potato with butter with Cheese.
Talaksan:Potato tomatoegg.gif Egg potato 51 195.5 16 Use a Potato with butter with an Egg and tomato topping (see above).
Talaksan:Potato mushroomonion.gif Mushroom and onion potato 64 270.5 20 Use a Potato with butter with a Mushroom and onion topping (see above)
Talaksan:Potato tunasweetcorn.gif Tuna potato 68 309.5 22 Use a Potato with butter with a Tuna and corn topping (see above)

Dairy Edit

Dairy products can only be made on Members' worlds with a Dairy churn. A Dairy churn is found on the farm south of Falador and at several other locations.

Image Name Level Experience Heals Notes
Talaksan:Pot of cream.gif Pot of cream 21 23 1 Use a bucket of milk on a dairy churn to create it.
Talaksan:Pat of butter.PNG Pat of butter 28 40 Can’t be consumed. Use a bucket of milk on a dairy churn to create it.
Talaksan:Cheese.png Cheese 48 64 2 Use a bucket of milk on a dairy churn to create it.


Wine is made from a jug of water and a bunch of grapes. Grapes can be found in the cooking guild, In the Phoenix gang's hideout, or stolen from the Wine Stall in Draynor Village (Level 22 Thieving required, Members Only); members who have completed a portion of Recipe for Disaster can obtain grapes from the Culinaromancer's chest. A jug can be found on the top floor of the cooking guild. Use the grapes with the jug of water to make unfermented wine. About 10 seconds later, the wine will ferment and either be drinkable, or go bad.

Image Name Level Experience Total healing Notes
Talaksan:Wine.gif Wine 35 200 11 Lowers attack when drunk.
Talaksan:Wine.gif Bad wine 35 0 0 Lowers attack when drunk.

Hot drinks Edit

The only hot drink is nettle tea, which is members only. To make nettle tea, players need first a bowl of water. Next, nettles are needed. Nettles are located near the prison along the road between the Wizard's Tower and Draynor Village, southeast of the slayer master in Canifis, or next to the yew trees in Edgeville. It is important to note that nettles will hurt players when they pick them up, so they have to wear gloves. The nettles have to be used with the bowl of water to make nettle-water. The nettle-water next has to be boiled on a range to turn it into nettle tea. The tea can then be placed into an empty cup. Empty cups can be bought or stolen from the tea stall in Varrock or by speaking to Brother Galahad, located east of the coal trucks. Also, if a player wants to add milk to their tea, they can obtain some milk in a bucket and use it with the tea. Adding milk is optional.

Image Name Level Experience Total healing Notes
Talaksan:Cup of nettle tea.png Nettle tea 20 52 3 This tea is members only.

Brewing Edit

Brewing is much more complicated and time consuming than other foods, but the results are quite useful, for most of them boost assorted stats.


Head to the brewery in either Keldagrim or Port Phasmatys

Steps for brewing Ales:

  1. 2 buckets of water added to fermenting vat.
  2. 2 lots of barley malt added to fermenting vat. (made by cooking barley on a cooking range)
  3. 1 bag of The stuff added to fermenting vat. (optional, 50% increase in chance of mature ale)
  4. An ingredient, that varies depending on what kind of ales desired, added to fermenting vat. (see chart)
    Talaksan:Getting beer.gif
  5. 1 pot of ale yeast added to fermenting vat. (bought from NPC near vat, players will need an Amulet of Ghostspeak and 5 Ecto-tokens AND an Empty pot for the one located in Port Phasmatys, 25 coins for Keldagrim, empty pot spawn near vat)
  6. Next, wait for the brew to ferment. If the brew is not ready, the examine text will say, "_____ ale is fermenting in this vat." If you attempt to turn the valve prematurely, you will receive the prompt, "Are you sure you want to drain the vat?" Note that fermenting often takes a good 24 hours.
  7. Once it's done brewing (examine will say "This vat is filled with _____ ale."), turn the valve between the vat and the attached barrel to move brewed ale to the barrel (make sure the barrel is empty first!)
  8. Use 8 beer glasses on the barrel or 2 Calquat kegs. This will fill players' glasses or kegs with brew.

Players may now start the next batch.

Note: The contents of the vat will change colour as the fermenting progresses.


To make cider, 16 cooking apples, a pot of ale yeast, and 4 empty buckets are required.

Head to the brewery and put four of the apples in the nearby cider barrel. The players' character will do a nice dance and squish the apples to a pulp, making a bucket of apple mush. Use empty buckets on the apple barrel to get 4 buckets of mashed apples.

Once all 4 buckets are filled, add them to the fermenting vat, then the ale yeast into the fermenting vat and wait.

Mature brewsEdit

With normal brewing, a player can randomly make matured ale, shown by a (m) next to the drink. Matured ale is slightly stronger than normal ale.

"The stuff" is available from Honest Jimmy for 50 Pieces of Eight at the Trouble Brewing minigame. It gives a 50% chance of brewing a mature ale of the type the player is brewing.

Add "The stuff" after the barley and before other ingredients and yeast. If the player try to add it after the other ingredient or after the yeast, it's too late, and will be told he or she can't add that to this vat.


Occasionally ale will become bad, wasting all that time. Drain the vat and try again.

Types of Ales and CidersEdit

Image Name Level Experience Total healing Notes
Talaksan:Cider.gif Cider 14 182 2 See instructions for making above. Increases farming level by 1, decreases attack and strength by 2.
Talaksan:Dwarven stout.gif Dwarven stout 19 215 1 Uses 4 Hammerstone hops as ingredient. Increases Smithing and Mining by 1, decreases Attack, Strength and Defence by 1.
Talaksan:Beer.gif Asgarnian ale 24 248 2 Uses 4 Asgarnian hops as ingredient, increases strength level by 2, decreases Attack by 4.
Talaksan:Greenmans ale.gif Greenman's ale 29 281 1 Uses 4 Harralander as ingredient. Increases Herblore level by 1, decreases Attack by 4.
Talaksan:Wizards mind bomb.gif Wizard's mind bomb 34 314 1 Uses 4 Yanillian hops as ingredient. Increases magic level by 2 or 3, decreases Attack by 4, decreases Strength and Defence by 3.
Talaksan:Dragon bitter.gif Dragon bitter 39 347 1 Uses 4 Krandorian hops as ingredient. Increases strength by 2, decreases attack by 1.
Talaksan:Moonlight mead.gif Moonlight mead 44 380 5 Uses 4 Bittercap mushrooms. Does nothing except heal 5 hitpoints.
Talaksan:AxemansFolly.gif Axeman's folly 49 413 1 Uses an oak roots as ingredient, raises woodcutting level by 1, lowers attack and strength by 3.
Talaksan:Chefs delight.gif Chef's delight 54 446 1 Uses 4 pinches of chocolate dust as ingredient, raises cooking level by 1-5 (see below), lowers attack and strength by 2
Talaksan:Slayers respite.gif Slayer's respite 59 479 1 Uses 4 Wildblood hops as ingredient, raises slayer level by 1, lowers attack and strength by 2.
  • All ales except Moonlight Mead decrease attack, and all ales except Asgarnian Ale and Dragon Bitter decrease strength.

Gnome Cooking Edit

Gnome cooking plays a big part in the Gnome Restaurant minigame. Further information can be found in said article.

Image Name Level Experience Total healing
Talaksan:Fruit Blast.PNG Fruit blast 6 50 9
Talaksan:Pineapple Punch.PNG Pineapple punch 8 70 9
Talaksan:Toad crunchies.PNG Toad crunchies 10 100 8
Talaksan:Spice crunchies.PNG Spicy crunchies 12 100 7
Talaksan:Worm crunchies.PNG Worm crunchies 14 100 8
Talaksan:Chocolate chip crunchies.PNG Chocchip crunchies 16 100 7
Talaksan:Wizard Blizzard.PNG Wizard blizzard 18 110 5
Talaksan:Short Green Guy.PNG Short green guy (SGG) 20 120 5
Talaksan:Fruit Batta.PNG Fruit batta 25 150 11
Talaksan:Toad Batta.PNG Toad batta 26 152 11
Talaksan:Worm Batta.PNG Worm batta 27 154 11
Talaksan:Vegetable batta.PNG Vegetable batta 28 156 11
Talaksan:Cheese and tomato batta.PNG Cheese and tomato batta 29 158 11
Talaksan:Worm hole.PNG Worm hole 30 170 12
Talaksan:Drunk Dragon.PNG Drunk dragon 32 160 5
[[Image:Chocolate_Saturday.PNG|Choc Saturday Choc saturday 33 170 5
Talaksan:Vegetable ball.PNG Vegetable ball 35 175 12
Talaksan:Blurberry Special.PNG Blurberry special 37 180 7
Talaksan:' legs.PNG Tangled toad's legs 40 185 15
Talaksan:Chocolate bomb.PNG Chocolate bomb 42 190 15


This is just one of the many ways to advance the Cooking skill level. Further information can be found in the above article.

LevelsItems to makeNotes
1 - 10VariousAt this level, just cook anything readily available. Efficiency is not important because the first 10 levels are quickly gained. Good examples include chicken, meat, bread, shrimp, anchovies, or herring.
10 - 30Assorted FishCook fishes such as trout, cod, pike and salmon. These are easily obtainable with the Fishing skill.
30-50TunaRaw tuna can often be found in the Karamja general store on f2p worlds, where banking the tuna is inconvenient. With a small amount of coins, raw tuna can be bought from the shop, cooked, then sold back. Many people also tend to drop Tunas for Swordfish. Otherwise, fish for raw tuna to cook. Alternatively, players may wish to cook apple pies, although this method may be more time-consuming than tuna.
40-90LobstersEither buy raw lobsters from other players, or fish. Players stop burning lobsters at level 74 or level 65 with cooking gauntlets. Cooking lobsters give ~150k exp per hour. If your Cooking level is 55 you can make money by buying Anchovies and plain pizza and using on each other to make Anchovy Pizza. Start with at least 20k.
90-99Monkfish Either buy raw monkfish from other players or fish them, given that players have completed the Swan Song quest. At level 88 players stop burning monkfish. Cooking monkfish give ~180k exp per hour.
94-99SharksEither buy raw sharks from other players, or fish for cooking. Players stop burning sharks at level 94 with cooking gauntlets. Without the cooking gauntlets however, even at level 99, players will still burn sharks. Cooking sharks give ~270k exp per hour.

At level 85, some players switch to cooking pies with the lunar spell so that they gain experience comparable to shark or better, but also gain magic experience and spend runes. It requires 65 magic. You can use wizard mind bombs if you are magic level 62 to 64. Lunar spell cooked pies will never burn.

Cooking Gauntlets & Lumbridge Range Edit

Players who complete the Family Crest quest can have their gauntlets made into Cooking gauntlets, which increase the chances of successfully cooking fish by a considerable amount.

Jagex claimed that the Cooking gauntlets give players increased chance of successful treating certain types of fish, and while wearing these gauntlets players will burn fewer lobsters, swordfish, and sharks. However, there are statements based on both statistical and unknown evidence that the gauntlets have their power with other fish and pies.

When the Cook's Assistant quest is completed, the player is granted use of the Lumbridge Cook's magical range, which has a lower chance of burning food when compared to other ranges.

Power-Cooking Edit

This is where players don't speak to anyone and have no distractions. This reduces the time to cook things thus gaining cooking level up faster. However, players will have no breaks so it is somewhat hard to keep cooking after a long time. Instead of dropping burnt food, which takes many clicks, simply bank them. Dropping individual items takes a long time, so it isn't good to do, even if they are not power-cooking. After having cooked everything, just take the burnt items of food out of the bank (noted) and drop them. Most power-cookers go to the area underneath the bar in Burthorpe, called the Rogue's Den. This is because the perpetual fire is only 1 to 6 squares away from the bank, as the banker is able to move around the Rogue's Den but he tends to stay in one place unless talked to. The bank isn't a normal bank, its a man named Emerald Benedict. This is the shortest distance to a fire any where.The shortest distance to a range is in the cooks guild although the downside of this is that the player must have completed Varrock Achievement diary completely. Players normally buy raw fish in large quantities and cook them, then resell to GE.

Temporary boosts Edit

  • Chef's delight, a type of player-made beer, temporarily increases Cooking level by 1-5 when drunk (5% of base cooking level).
  • Orange Spicy stew raises Cooking level by up to 6 temporarily, but can also have the opposite effect and lower it by 6

Trivia Edit

  • Before Fishing was added in June 2001, the experience for cooking meat depended on the player's cooking level, namely, 25 + 1.75 * level.
  • Before pies were added in March 2001, the amount of healing provided by bread and meat (the only food available at the time) depended on the player's Cooking level.
  • Tks was the first player to reach level 99 Cooking and was the first Fishing master as well.
  • Cooking tied with Fletching were the first non-combat skills to get 10,000 users with a level of 99.
  • Cooking is one of the fastest skills a player can reach level 99 in, only taking two weeks from levels 1-99 (assuming players cook all day and have all the raw food prepared), at around six hours a day.
  • There are 35 players with 200,000,000 cooking experience, making cooking the skill with the most players with max experience (3-8-2009).
  • On September 12, 2005 Jagex released "Cook-X", which allowed players to cook all the food in their inventory at once instead of cooking the food one at a time. This made it a lot easier to cook food and train cooking as a whole.

99 Cooking Edit

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  • Once a member has reached level 99 Cooking he/she can buy a Cooking Cape of Accomplishment for 99,000 coins from the Head Chef in the Cooks' Guild, located west of Varrock's western Bank.

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