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Firemaking Tinderbox

A player uses Firemaking to set a log on fire.

Firemaking is a skill that can be used to set things like logs on fire and to light things like lanterns in order to provide light. The current minimum requirement to be on the hiscores for firemaking (at rank 2,000,000) is level 43. For players who buy their logs, training to level 99 firemaking should cost at most 4,000,000 coins

Firemaking is often trained so that players can do quests or minigames that require a certain level of the skill. A number of members' Quests with good rewards require firemaking skills, such as As a First Resort..., Recipe for Disaster and Desert Treasure, to name just a few. Similarly, firemaking-oriented minigames with good rewards include Shades of Mort'ton and All Fired Up. Also, after completing the Legacy of Seergaze quest, players can hunt down the Vyrewatch and burn their Vyre corpses for rewards. Another use for firemaking is the ability to make a fire and cook things like meat and fish on the spot, such as when low-level players fight Giant rats, cook the rat meat and then consume it to heal hitpoints. However, any fire will suffice, so a high firemaking level is not necessary for cooking.

Unlike its related skill, Woodcutting, firemaking in its typical usage of burning logs is not a very profitable profession. The end result of making fires is a heap of Ashes. Ashes do sell on Grand Exchange, but they sell slowly and for little money, as they can very often be obtained for free just by passing the exchange or a busy bank where players are training firemaking and leaving the ashes on the ground. Many players dislike firemaking because of this and consider it one of the least useful skills in RuneScape. However, the logs that players can burn give relatively large amounts of experience, so it is essentially an easy skill to raise.

How to make fires Edit


A fire.

To make a fire players need a log - which can be obtained by cutting trees - and a tinderbox or any bow(With the exception of the Dark bow, Seercull|bow ,and Crystal bow) after Barbarian Training). Tinderboxes can be bought from a general store, such as those in Varrock, Falador and Lumbridge, for 1 coin. There are three ways of lighting a log. The first way is to use a tinderbox with the log. When a player does this, they will automatically drop their log and light it with their tinderbox. Another method is to drop the log and then right click the log and select the 'light log' option. The final way is to drop the log, then use the tinderbox with the log. This way is almost never used, but it is still available.

After a player lights a fire, they will automatically walk one step to the west if there is room there, otherwise they will take one step east. If both ways are blocked, your player will go south. If all three ways are blocked, you will go north. It is advised to have a clear path to the west so that players can go on burning logs without having disruptions. However, a fire cannot be lit just anywhere. Fires cannot be made on top of other fires, inside some buildings, or on top of certain ground features, such as flowers. Strangely fire cannot be lit in front of a closed door, but can be lit in front of an open door.

If you start one fire and have a clear path for more fires, you can quickly light the next fire. When you are in the process of making one fire get ready to start the next as soon as you finish lighting the first fire. The chat box will say "The fire catches and the logs begin to burn." instead of "You attempt to light the logs." This process is called power lighting or power firemaking.

Firemaking level up

The old level up message.

New fm

The current level up message for Firemaking after the level-up message update.

Logs Edit

Players need certain Firemaking levels to burn different types of logs, as shown in the table below. When a log is lit, it will stay on fire for a short while. How long a fire stays lit is always random, therefore yew logs do not necessarily burn longer than a normal log. A high Firemaking level does not make fires last longer.

Log Level Experience Notes
Normal Logs
1 40 Normal logs can be obtained from cutting dead trees, evergreen trees, and normal trees. These trees can be found all over RuneScape. These logs are mainly used in fletching arrow shafts, hunting and applying coloured firelighter on them to light them in crowded place.
Achey Log
1 40 Achey logs are used for the member's only quest Big Chompy Bird Hunting and to make Ogre arrows and bows.
Oak Logs
15 60 Oak logs are used in Construction, low level fletching, and low level firemaking.
Willow Logs
30 90 Willow logs are the best Woodcutting and Firemaking For Free players until 60 Woodcutting is reached. They are also often used for Fletching.
Teak Logs
35 105 Teak logs can only be used by members. They can be Turned into planks, useful for construction. Firemaking is not recommended on them due to other uses.
Arctic pine logs
Arctic pine
42 125 Arctic pine logs can only be used by members. They are used to make Fremennik roundshields.
Maple Logs
45 135 Maple trees can be burnt by free players. It's recommended to use them in firemaking and making pyre logs. Burning Maples logs has now become as popular as burning Willow logs due to the relative easy of obtaining them through the Grand Exchange
Mahogany Logs
50 157.5 Mahogany logs can only be used by members. lighting them is not recommended as they can be Turned into planks usable in Construction.
Eucalyptus logs
58 193.5 Eucalyptus logs can only be used by members. They can only be obtained near Oo'glog. At the moment, they're only useful in firemaking, especially for creating pyre logs. Thus these are recommended in firemaking.
Yew Logs
60 202.5 Yew logs are the best logs free players can use. These logs are great for training Firemaking as they give a great amount of experience.

However, because it takes a significantly longer amount of time to burn yew logs than willows and also because yews are harder to cut and would net much more money than willows, many non-members chose to burn willow logs for experience instead. Members often prefer to use yew logs in fletching, rather than firemaking.

75 303.8 Magic logs are only available to members. Because of the difficulty of cutting these trees, players generally do not light these logs and instead prefer to sell them, fletch them or use as pyre logs to cremate Fiyr remains.
Cursed magic log
Cursed Magic
75 303.8 Cursed Magic logs are only available to members who have completed Spirit of Summer. They are cut from the Cursed magic tree, the only one of which is located in the Spirit Realm, reached through the portal in the western ruins. If taken back through the portal, out of the Spirit Realm they become magic logs. While in the Spirit Realm players cannot fletch them or make them into pyre logs. They burn with a white flame.

Pyre logs Edit

Members have an alternate method to increase their Firemaking level by burning pyre logs.

First of all, to make pyre logs, players need some sacred oil. Sacred oil is made during the Shades of Mort'ton quest. To create sacred oil, players need to purchase olive oil from Razmire Keelgan in Mort'ton and rebuild and restore the temple which was in the Shades of Mort'ton quest. Olive oil can be bought once the temple is built, players can light the fire in the centre of the temple and use the olive oil on the fire. The olive oil will then become sacred oil.

Next, a log of any kind is needed. Once a player has a log and sacred oil, they can then use the sacred oil with the log, which will turn it into a pyre log. Players can then light the pyre logs on the funeral pyres to the eastside of Mort'ton. However, players also need to have Shade remains, the remains from dead shades. The funeral pyres are the only place where pyre logs can be ignited. Burning pyre logs will also help players obtain a key to a chest which contains fine cloth, used to create Splitbark armour.

After completing the Legacy of Seergaze quest, players will also be able to burn Vyrewatch remains in the Paterdomus Columbarium using pyre logs. Vyrewatch corpses can only be burnt using teak pyre logs or better.

Name Level Logs required Sacred oil drops Experience
Pyre logs
Pyre logs
5 Normal or achey 2 50
Oak pyre logs
Oak pyre logs
20 Oak 2 70
Willow pyre logs
Willow pyre logs
35 Willow 3 100
Teak pyre logs
Teak pyre logs
40 Teak 3 120
Arctic pine pyre logs
Arctic pyre logs
47 Arctic pine 3 158
Maple pyre logs
Maple pyre logs
50 Maple 3 175
Mahogany pyre logs
Mahogany pyre logs
55 Mahogany 3 210
Eucalyptus pyre logs
Eucalyptus pyre logs
63 Eucalyptus 3 216.5
Yew pyre logs
Yew pyre logs
65 Yew 4 225
Magic pyre logs
Magic pyre logs
80 Magic 4 404.5

Barbarian firemakingEdit

Firemaking Bow

A player making fires with a Bow.

Barbarian Firemaking is part of the Barbarian training that starts by talking to Otto Godblessed. A player must have a firemaking level of at least 35 in order to burn the oak log that is required for the firemaking portion of Barbarian training.

There are two types of activities that fall under Barbarian Firemaking: Lighting fires with a bow and lighting pyre ships.

Bow firemakingEdit

Barbarian firemaking works by using any type of bow in the inventory on a log (except for Crystal, Ogre, Dark and Sacred Clay Bows).

There are no inherent advantages to using a bow instead of a tinderbox other than perhaps convenience. Bow firemaking requires 20 additional firemaking levels in order to light the same type of log as with a tinderbox yet gives no additional firemaking experience.

Logs Firemaking lvl neededExperience gained
NormalNormal Logs2140
AcheyAchey Log2140
OakOak Logs3560
WillowWillow Logs5090
TeakTeak Logs55105
Arctic pineArctic pine logs62125
MapleMaple Logs65135
MahoganyMahogany Logs70157.5
EucalyptusEucalyptus logs78171.2
YewYew Logs80202.5

Pyre shipsEdit

Warning: This activity is dangerous, the player can die and lose items.

Items needed:

  • logs
  • tinderbox or bow
  • woodcutting axe to carve the pyre ship
  • chewed bones (preferred) or mangled bones.
    If using mangled bones bring armour, weapons, and food as a level 166 Barbarian Spirit will attack. The protect from melee prayer is also helpful.

This activity requires both firemaking and crafting levels of at least 11 to begin. Chewed and mangled bones are acquired in the Ancient Cavern which is a very high risk area. Use the required items on one of the burnt spaces (pyre site) just north of Otto's Grotto to make a pyreship. Burning a pyreship will grant the player a prayer bonus of up to 300%, depending on the logs used, the next time the player buries bones.

See Barbarian Pyreship making for more details.

Suleras:Pyre ships

Torches, candles and lanterns Edit

Members can light lanterns to see in dimly lit underground dungeons. However, certain Firemaking levels are needed to light different kinds of lanterns. No experience is received when lighting a lantern. Some lanterns require glass, which can be made by using the crafting skill. There is a shop in Dorgesh-Kaan which sell lanterns and other Firemaking equipment. There is also a Candle Shop in Catherby where you can buy candles.

Name Level Notes
A torch Torch 1 Players can purchase torches at Tai Bwo Wannai's general store. Interestingly torches can be lit in the chamber filled with water in Haunted Mine by rubbing dry sticks together and using them on the unlit torch.
A candle Candle 1 Players can purchase candles at Catherby's candle shop.
A black candle Black candle 1 Used during the Merlin's Crystal quest.
A candle lantern Candle lantern 4 Players can craft candle lanterns or buy them from other players.
A black candle lantern Black candle lantern 4 Made by using a black candle on a candle lantern.
An oil lamp Oil lamp 12 Can be crafted by players, or bought for other players.
An oil lantern Oil lantern 26 Players can learn how to craft oil lanterns by talking to the candle seller at the Lumbridge Swamp. When the lantern is lit, the fire will eventually go out.
A bullseye lantern Bullseye lantern 49 Players can craft bullseye lanterns or buy them from other players.
A sapphire lantern Sapphire lantern 49 This lantern is created by taking a bullseye lantern and using a cut sapphire on it. It is mainly used for the Tears of Guthix quest and While Guthix Sleeps quest.
Talaksan:Emerald lantern.pngEmerald lantern 49 This lantern is used during the Lunar Diplomacy quest.
Talaksan:Light Orb.PNG Replace Light orbs 52 1000 Firemaking experience for each one replaced in Dorgesh-Kaan; extra 5000 xp when 100 replaced.
A cave goblin mining helmet Mining helmet 65 Mining helmets are dropped by level 11 cave goblin miners in the Lumbridge Cave. The helmets can be worn on a player's head. Once they are lit, they won't go out on their own; however, they cannot be traded after they are lit. Light does go out in chamber filled with water in Haunted Mine quest and also in the Sophanem Dungeon in the Contact! quest.

Balloons Edit

Firemaking can also be of use in a method of transportation. By having completed Enlightened Journey and a certain amount of logs a player may travel to the following places:

Destination Log type Firemaking level
Entrana Logs 20
Taverley Logs 20
Crafting Guild Oak logs 30
Varrock Willow logs 40
Castle Wars Yew logs 50
Grand Tree Magic logs 60

For more information see: Balloon Transport System.

Pay-to-play training options Edit

Member Firemaking training is the same as free to play, but members do have a few more options:

Level Log type Notes
30-99 Willow Willows are often burnt due to being extremely cheap, but give slower experience than higher-leveled logs.
45-99 Maple Maples are common in members' worlds. Since many players do not fletch maples, these can be used instead for the Firemaking skill. If combined with Managing Miscellania, you can make money while doing this.

There is currently a large slowdown in the maple market with many players selling them, but very few buying, so it is not hard to obtain them for a low price.

Alternate 45-99 Teak An alternate method to Maple logs is Teak logs. These can be chopped in Tai Bwo Wannai at fast rates and then burned on the spot for more experience than Willow, but less than Maple. This method would be suggested for players who would like to train two skills at once.

However this training method requires 100 Trading Sticks for each entry into the restricted area.

52+ Light orbs If you have the money you can buy (@ Exchange:light orb coins) or craft (level 87) light orbs and fit them for 1000 exp each plus an extra 5000 exp is rewarded if you do 100 of them
58-99 Eucalyptus Eucalyptus logs are a relatively unknown method for raising Firemaking. It should be noted that Eucalyptus logs cost significantly less then yews,and give slightly less exp per log burned.
75-99 Magic logs Magic logs give the highest experience out of all logs, however burning them is not recommended because of the extremely high cost when compared with other methods.

All Fired Up rewards Edit

See All Fired Up (minigame)
  • King Roald III will reward players according to the number of beacons simultaneously lit.
Image Item Beacons lit Level Attributes
Talaksan:RingOfFire.PNG Ring of fire 6 beacons 62 2% more firemaking experience per log.
Flame gloves as seen in game. Flame gloves as shown in the Game Guide. Flame gloves 10 beacons 79 2% more firemaking experience per log. When worn at the same time as the Ring of fire, this grants a 5% firemaking bonus instead of the expected 4%.
Infernoadze Inferno Adze 14 beacons 92 This is a combination of a Dragon axe and a Rune pickaxe. It gives the same experience for both Mining and Woodcutting per log or ore that you gain. Occasionally, the heat stored inside the Inferno Adze sets fire to logs whilst you are cutting, giving Firemaking experience and Woodcutting experience per log. (about 30% of the logs you cut)
Note: Level indicated is minimum Firemaking level required; additional requirements may be needed (see above or Beacon Network).

Firemaking quest rewards

Temporary boosts Edit

  • An orange spicy stew has a chance of boosting or lowering firemaking by 1 to 6 (available as a result of the Evil Dave subquest of Recipe for Disaster.)
  • A Pyrelord (Summoning level 46) can offer a +3 invisible Firemaking boost and also counts as a tinderbox with an additional 10 xp bonus to every log.
  • A Forge regent (Summoning level 76) also counts as a tinderbox with 10 xp bonus; but without the Firemaking boost.
Log XP Ring or
Gloves 2%
Both 5% Both plus
Summoning +10xp
Normal 40 40.8 42 52 (30%)
Oak 60 61.2 63 73 (21.67%)
Willow 90 91.8 94.5 104.5 (16.1%)
Teak 105 107.1 110.3 120.3 (14.6%)
Arctic Pine 125 127.5 131.3 141.3 (13%)
Maple 135 137.7 141.8 151.8 (12.4%)
Mahogany 157.5 160.7 165.4 175.4 (11.4%)
Eucalyptus 193.5 197.4 203.2 213.2 (10.2%)
Yew 202.5 206.6 212.6 222.6 (9.9%)
Magic 303.8 309.9 319 329 (8.3%)

Minigames Edit

Many players believe that the Firemaking skill is most useful in mini-games, especially the Shades of Mort'ton minigame, and barbarian training where players can burn pyre ships and have a chance of receiving the valuable dragon full helmet.

Other minigames


  • A player always lights a fire and then moves one square to the west, except when an object is in the way.
  • A player cannot light fires on top of things like flowers or ferns, or in the middle of doorways.
  • Getting 99 Firemaking using maple logs requires you to click over 220 Thousand times.
  • A player cannot light fires in many buildings; however, this does not mean that fires cannot be lit at all in buildings. This possibly depends upon the size or airyness of the room or building, as fires can be lit in the large, main hall of Castle Wars and in the Grand Exchange, which lacks enclosing walls (fires cannot be lit close to the counter at the Exchange but can be everywhere else there.).
  • A player can light fires in most (or all) caves and dungeons, even in places where the fire would seemingly quickly use up the oxygen in the air and fill the space with smoke. The underground Rogue's Den is particularly favored by some for firemaking training, since players can use the banker to quickly withdraw logs and light them on the spot, unlike at regular banks.
  • Once a log fire is lit, another log fire cannot be lit in the same square until the first fire burns out. Somewhat peculiarly, there is no way to add fresh logs to a fire to keep it going. Attempts to "use" logs on a fire results in the message "that item cannot be cooked".
  • Firemaking is one of only three skills not used in Stealing Creation, the other two being Slayer and Farming.
  • Did you know? Getting Firemaking to level 99, cost around 3.8mil using the maple method.. but.. if you bought willows it would cost the same..So why spend more time buying willows?


The Firemaking emote which is can be used while equipping a Firemaking cape.