Hobgoblins are stronger versions of goblins. They can seem very aggressive to lower level players, especially when several are in the area. Level 42 Hobgoblins wield spears, although one or two of the level 28 Hobgoblins near the Crafting guild wield spears as well. They are good monsters to train on, mainly because they give good free-to-play drops for a low level creature. They are most well known for dropping Limpwurt roots. They also reside in the God Wars Dungeon. If killed in God wars dungeon they will count as a kill of Bandos.

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Hobgoblins are a crossbreed between Goblins and Orks. They aren't as tenacious as goblins or as strong as orks, but a hobgoblin's strength generally exceeds goblin's one significantly. During the Third age, Bandos used them extensively in battle. After the god wars, they were left leaderless and now mainly live in desolate areas or caves, uncivilized. They give approximately 116 exp points.

Hobgoblins chew Limpwurt roots, which explains why they drop many of them.

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  • Bones




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