New Interface with price checker as of march 3 2009

The Interface is the screen used to play RuneScape; it contains buttons to view specific information. Some parts of the interface can be quickly accessed by the use of the hotkeys noted below.

Icons and buttons next to minimapEdit

Icon Name
Logout icon
Logout button
Hitpoints icon
Hitpoints Status Globe
Prayer icon
Prayer Status Globe
Energy sidebarEnergy Status Globe
Summoning icon
Summoning Status Globe
(Available after completing the Wolf Whistle quest.)

The tabs of the interfaceEdit

Icon Name fast key
CombatSwordsCombat Styles (F1)
StatisticsStats (F2)
QuestQuest List (F3)
Backpack inventory buttonInventory (F4)
Equipped inventory buttonWorn Equipment (F5)
PrayerPrayer (F6)
SpellbookMagic Spellbook (F7)
Clan chat buttonClan Chat (Insert or return)
Summoning buttonFollower Details 
FriendsFriends List (F8)
Ignore buttonIgnore List 
Options buttonOptions 
Emote buttonEmotes 
Music iconMusic Player 
Icon Name
Equipment Stats Equipment Stats (in the Worn Equipment window frame)
Price Checker icon Price Checker (in the Worn Equipment window frame)
Items Kept on Death icon Items Kept on Death (in the Worn Equipment window frame)

Quick Chat interfaceEdit

Quick chat buttonQuick Chat (F10)
Opens quick responses list (F9)
Repeats last quick chat comment (F11)

Other partsEdit

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