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This article is about the space for items in a player's backpack. For the spaces where equipped items are stored, see Worn Equipment.

The empty inventory screen.

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The Inventory is where the player carries items that cannot be or are not equipped. A player's backpack inventory can hold up to 28 items, and any additional items must be stored in the player's bank. Some items are stackable (such as coins, runes, and arrows) which means they only take up the space of one item, no matter how many a player has.

The limit of 28 items in a player's inventory is integral to the RuneScape economy. Since only 28 items can be held at once, this requires players to make trips to banks to deposit items while they are gathering and/or making items. This adds time to the process of gathering items such as logs, ores, or flax and the process of making items, such as bowstrings, bars, and bows. If inventory was unlimited, the prices of such items could face a considerable drop because it wouldn't take as much time to obtain large amounts of them. Runecrafting would be made ridiculously easy, as players would be able to craft infinite amounts of runes in a single trip. Gathering skills, such as Fishing, Woodcutting, and Mining could be trained for infinite amounts of time without much movement, and processing skills, such as Smithing, Cooking, and Fletching would be extremely easy because infinite numbers of materials could be processing into finished items in one trip. The limitations of the inventory help to stabilize the RuneScape economy.

Note that a player can transport more than the standard 28 items by dropping an item, moving somewhere, dropping a new item, going back to reclaim the first item dropped, and repeating. This is uncommon, since it takes a long time to transport just another few items. However, for a player with an inventory full of valuable items, this may prove extremely useful. Of course, this tactic isn't completely reliable due to the risk of random events that can temporarily teleport the player away, meaning any items currently dropped could be lost.

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