This article is about the item made from ordinary logs. For information on the various planks available, see Planks.

A Plank is a common construction item and is used in several quests. It is made of normal wood. Although Construction is Members-only skill, the plank is available to Free-to-play as it is used in the Dragon Slayer Quest.


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Members can take four different types of logs to the sawmill to be changed to different types of planks for a price. The basic plank costs 100 coins to make. Planks can then be used to make construction furniture.


Planks also spawn in certain locations:



If players have access to the Balloon transport system they may use it to make Planks quickly. Start at Castle Wars, using the Bank chest, and use the balloon to travel between there and the Varrock Sawmill. Due to weight restrictions, players may only carry about 18 logs to be made into planks at a time (as well as the money to make the planks and the Willow logs for the transport and a Ring of duelling to return to Castle Wars. Players can take the maximum 26 logs per trip by using Weight-reducing equipment.

Note: Familiars cannot be used on the balloon transport system.


  • Prior to the introduction of the Construction skill, a plank was mainly a quest-related item and generally had a relatively low street value.
  • Unless players purchase planks from a member or from a player who has completed the Dragon Slayer quest, F2P players can only obtain planks from the wilderness respawn locations. This was a common player-killing spot, due to a steady traffic of players attempting to complete the Dragon Slayer quest, including a number of players who generally avoided player killing areas and were unfamiliar with the tactics in the wilderness.


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