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Suleras:Listen Quests are groups of interrelated tasks that can take anywhere from five minutes to a few hours to complete. They are labelled with a blue star or compass rose Questicon icon on your Minimap.

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As of 1 April 2009, there are a total of 151 quests (not counting the introductory quest Learning the Ropes) with 18 free and 133 members-only quests (not including the sub-quests of Recipe for Disaster, the Odd Old Man's wishlist from the Rag and Bone Man quest, or the new tutorial), offering a total of 281 quest points. Free players can only get up to 42 quest points.The last quest added to the free version of RuneScape was Rune Mysteries with the release of RuneScape 2.

The 100th quest Recipe for Disaster is actually 10 quests in 1 with 8 subquests ranging from easy to very hard. The 50th quest Legends Quest was released on 20 August 2003, which was prior to the RuneScape 2 release, while the 100th members' quest Cold War was released on 29 January 2007.

The 150th quest The Chosen Commander was released on 17 March 2009.

Quest release dates are listed in the list of recent quests.

A list of recommended members' quests can be found here.

Quest series Edit

Many quests occur as part of a quest series which shares a common plot line. Usually, progress is made in the series in a linear fashion, with each quest requiring the previous one in a sequence. There are some exceptions to this, however. The majority of quest series are rooted in a specific area, and their completion is often needed to access that area or specific features within it. For example, West Ardougne as a whole is inaccessible unless at least some progress is made in the Plague quest series.

A complete list of quest series can be found here.

Ongoing quest rewards Edit

Pagtatong/Quest Gantimpala Paano makukuha
Hand in the Sand 84 na timba ng buhangin ipadala sa bangko ng manglalaro. Magsalita kay Bert (isang beses sa isang araw)
Tears of Guthix Pinapayagan ang manglalaro na mga laro ng minigame na nag papabuya sa manglalaro experience sa lowest skill weekly. Magsalita kay Juna
Throne of Miscellania Pinapalaro ang manglalaro na mangasiwa at maningil ng kaparte ng kayamanan ni Miscellania sa kingdom management minigame. Magsalita sa Advisor.
Royal Trouble Boots the efficiency of your subjects in the kingdom management minigame. N/A
Back to my Roots Pinapalaro ang manglalaro na iulit ang pag-collecta 1,500 Farming experience at 2,500 Slayer experience, minsan bawat 15 oras jade vine
All Fired Up Pinapalaro sa "All fired Up" Minigame N/A
Cold War Nagbibigay ng dagdag na penguin points para sa mga iba na penguins sa Penguin Hide and Seek minigame. Speak to Larry in Ardougne zoo.
What Lies Below Nagpapalaro sa the Hunt for Surok mini-quest, kung saan ay madali na magawa araw-araw para sa charms at Slayer experience. N/A
In Pyre Need Nagpapalaro sa daily Distractions & Diversions challenge, tinatawag na Phoenix Lair, kung saan makagawa ka para maka pakinabang ng 5 Phoenix Quills, 1,000 Crafting experience, 7,500 Firemaking experience, 3,000 Fletching experience and 500 Slayer experience (5,000 Slayer experience para sa mga pang una na laro). Punta sa kuweba na nasa quest.

Skill levels Edit

Levels required
to complete every quest
Total level: 1352
Attack.gif 40
Hitpoints.gif ----
Mining.gif 60
Strength.gif 60
Agility.gif 60
Smithing.gif 69
Defence.gif 65
Herblore.gif 65
Fishing.gif 62
Ranged.gif 60
Thieving.gif 63
Cooking.gif 70
Prayer.gif 55
Crafting.gif 66
Firemaking.gif 55
Magic.gif 75
Fletching.gif 53
Woodcutting.gif 72
Runecrafting.gif 50
Slayer.gif 59
Farming.gif 65
Construction.gif 50
Hunter.gif 55
Summoning.gif 23
CombatSwords.PNG 85
Quest.png 270
Music_icon.PNG ----
Temporary boosts
may be used in some quests

The quests requiring the highest skill level are:

Skill Quest
Agility Rocking Out
Attack TokTz-Ket-Dill, Darkness of Hallowvale
Construction TokTz-Ket-Dill
Cooking Recipe for Disaster (Freeing King Awowogei)
Crafting Rocking Out
Defence King's Ransom, While Guthix Sleeps
Farming While Guthix Sleeps
Firemaking In Pyre Need
Fishing Swan Song
Fletching In Pyre Need
Herblore While Guthix Sleeps
Hitpoint None
Hunter While Guthix Sleeps
Magic While Guthix Sleeps
Mining Lunar Diplomacy
Music None
Prayer Summer's End
Ranged Mourning's Ends Part I
Runecrafting Devious Minds
Slayer Back to my Roots
Smithing Rocking Out
Strength The Path of Glouphrie, Dealing with Scabaras
Summoning Summer's End, While Guthix Sleeps
Thieving Rocking Out
Woodcutting Back to my Roots
Combat level Dream Mentor, Smoking Kills
Quest Points While Guthix Sleeps

Quest listEdit

For the quest list, see List of quests.

Quest Cape of AccomplishmentEdit

Players who have the maximum number of quest points are able to wear the quest point cape, a Cape of Accomplishment. However, whenever a new quest is available, the cape and hood will automatically be unequipped from a player until the player completes the new quest. If a player's inventory is full the Quest point cape and/or Quest point hood will be sent to your bank. If your bank happens to be full the Wise Old Man will hold onto it and will return it free of charge. The Quest cape however, does not count towards a gilded Cape of Accomplishment.

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