RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.

Rune Mysteries is one of the most vital quests in the game. With proper teleportation methods, this quest is very easy and short, but for many new non-members without teleports, this quest can be very "annoying".

Details Edit

Official quest description: Recent research at the Wizards' Tower has found a way to create Runes for the first time in centuries. Assist the head wizard Sedridor in his research and he too may teach you these secrets!
Release date: 1 December 2003
Start: Lumbridge Castle. Go to the second floor and talk to Duke Horacio.
Difficulty: Suleras:Difficulty
Length: Short
Members only: No
Requirements: None
Items needed: None
Monsters to kill: None

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

As before, this quest can take a while without teleports and if you're not a member. But, this quest can help you understand runecrafting which will help you level up with a lot of skills.

Walkthrough Edit

The Duke Horacio will give you an air talisman and tell you to bring it to the head wizard in the Wizards' Tower. Go to the Wizards' Tower, which is south of Draynor Village, and go downstairs to the basement.

Wizard Sedridor is the head wizard. Look for him in the basement and then talk to him. He will take your air talisman and give you a Research package, which you have to deliver to Aubury in Varrock. Aubury is south of Varrock's east bank, inside Aubury's Rune Shop.

After you talk to Aubury twice, he'll want you to deliver some notes to Wizard Sedridor. Go back to the Wizards' Tower and go down into the basement and talk to Wizard Sedridor.

Wizard Sedridor will return the air talisman and will explain to you the Runecrafting skill. Congratulations, quest complete!

Rewards Edit

Music Edit

Music tracks unlocked:

Once you go to the Rune Essence mine, you unlock the music track "Rune Essence"


  • This was the last quest to be added to the free play version of RuneScape, besides Learning the Ropes and the holiday quests.
  • It's possible to train Runecrafting without actually completing this quest, but you can't mine Rune Essence. This is because of the introduction of the Grand Exchange, because you can trade rune essence or pure essence without having to have completed the quest
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