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Trees are the most common scenery in RuneScape. They are chopped down through the woodcutting skill and can be turned into a fire through the firemaking skill. Trees can also be cut down to be turned in to Planks at the sawmill operator north-east of Varrock, but this is for members only.

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Woodcutting Edit

Trees can be found almost everywhere in RuneScape, and they are the first training method of woodcutting. A player only needs level 1 woodcutting and aa hatchet to chop down a tree. For each set of logs a player collects from a tree, the player gains 25 experience towards their woodcutting skill.

Firemaking Edit

A player only needs level 1 firemaking and a tinderbox to turn a normal tree's logs into a fire. Doing so earns the player 40 experience towards their firemaking skill.


A tree can be built in the garden of a player-owned house. To do so requires 1 bagged tree, a watering can, and level 5 construction. When planted, it earns the player 31 experience for both construction and farming skills.


Normal trees can be cut into Arrow shafts at level 1 Fletching, Shortbows at level 5 and Longbows at level 10.

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