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25 Febuary 2009'

Random Event Update

We have just completed a comprehensive rework of the random events system that will bring changes for members and non-members alike. We've retired some of the older random events from active service, overhauled others, and rewritten the rewards for almost every surviving event. We've also changed the rate at which you get random events, and made it possible for all players to get all the events even if they don't do the activities that are typically associated with them. So maybe you'll get to meet Capt' Arnav or the Beekeeper for the first time...

When you successfully complete a random event you will now be given a Random event gift box which will contain a selection of rewards to choose from. The reward options are randomised, but players with higher skill totals will generally be offered better rewards, especially if they have a record of passing random events. Any frog tokens you have will be replaced automatically with random event gift boxes, and your broken axes and pickaxes will be automatically repaired (unless you’ve only got the handle, in which case they’ll be deleted).

For more information on the changes we’ve made, take a look at the forums, and for a full list of the events that have remained in the game, consult the Knowledge Base.


In any bank in RuneScape, you'll eventually run into someone shouting "Pc please", wishing to open a trade window so that they can check the Grand Exchange values of their tradeable items. It seemed a bit silly that you'd need a second player to let you look up that information, so we've added a simple Price Checker that lets you do it yourself. It's next to the buttons that open your Equipment Stats screen and Items-kept-on-death display. Now you will be able to shift your tradeable items from your inventory into a central window, so that you can see the current price of each item and the total value of the whole "offer".

Mod Ash
RuneScape Content Developer

Quest List Update

Last but not least, we have made a change to the way the Quest List|quest list interface works. After all, with almost 150 quests in RuneScape it can be a challenge to find the perfect one to do next. From now on, the quest list will allow you to filter out those you can’t do, as well as sort quests by difficulty or keep those in progress at the top. Once you’ve chosen your quest, a right-click option can show you its start location on your world map.

Mod Hew
RuneScape Content Developer

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