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The discontinued version of a player cutting down a tree using Woodcutting.

Woodcutting (commonly called WC amongst players) is a skill that involves players cutting down different types of trees spread throughout Gielinor. It is probably the most popular non combat skill in Free-to-play. For each tree, a Woodcutting level is required, as well as a hatchet, which is used to cut it. To get onto the official RuneScape Hiscores players need a Woodcutting level of 58 (as of 26-3-2009).

As a player cuts a tree, a certain type of logs will appear in his/her inventory, depending on the type of tree. The player can then light the logs with a tinderbox (or with a bow if the player is a member and has completed Barbarian Training) to raise his/her Firemaking skill, cut them with a knife and make them into bows using the Fletching skill in pay-to-play, or sell them to other players for money.

Woodcutting is a very popular skill, as selling the logs cut from higher level trees to other players can make a considerable amount of money. It is also relatively easy to raise compared to many other skills.

Trees Edit

Runescape skills woodcutting magictrees

Some Magic Trees.

In order to cut a tree, a player will need to have an hatchet, also known as a 'woodcutting axe'. Hatchets are not to be confused with battleaxes, which cannot cut down trees and are only used for combat nor with pickaxes, which are used for mining.

There are 10 different types of hatchets available in RuneScape - Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamant, Rune, Clay (Stealing Creation), Dragon, and the Inferno Adze. The Dragon hatchet, clay hatchet, and Inferno Adze are the only members-only hatchets. Hatchets can be bought from Bob's Axes (located in Lumbridge),bought from the Grand Exchange, or smithed by players using the smithing skill (as well as drops, trades, general stores etc). However, Bob only sells iron, and steel hatchets. Bob's shop is useful for new players who would like to take interest in the woodcutting skill. Players will have to buy the higher level hatchets from other players, buy them from the Grand Exchange, or smith the hatchets themselves, and the Inferno Adze is a reward from the All fired up minigame. Note that the dragon hatchet, like all dragon items (excluding dragon platebody and the dragon square shield), cannot be smithed.

To cut a tree, players will need a certain woodcutting level. For example, a player will need a woodcutting level of 75 to cut a magic tree. A certain woodcutting level is also required to use a hatchet. For example, a player will need a woodcutting level of 41 to use a rune hatchet. Also, if a player wants to wield an hatchet, then an attack level is required. For example, a player will need an attack level of 40 to wield a rune hatchet. It is recommended that players wield their hatchet so that they have one more space in their inventory, allowing them to carry more logs.

To cut a tree, players have to find one and then click on it. Trees are easy to find, as they are located all over RuneScape. (The exception to this is Morytania or The Wilderness, where most of the trees cannot be chopped down.) When a player has found a tree, they can then click on it to chop it. When the player is done cutting, they can then light the logs on fire with a tinderbox to obtain some firemaking experience, fletch them if they are a member, or sell them to other players.

Free players can only cut regular trees, oak trees, willow trees, and yew trees. However, even though there are no maple trees in the free world, members can bring maple logs to free worlds and both free players as well as members can trade them and burn them. These different types of trees are listed below.

Woodcutting experienceEdit

TreeLevelExperienceLogMultiple logs?Notes
Normal125Normal LogsNoNormal trees include dead trees, jungle trees, and evergreen trees, as they give the same amount of experience and type of logs. These trees are the most common in RuneScape, as they can be found almost everywhere.
Achey125Achey LogNoThese trees are used for the members-only quest Big Chompy Bird Hunting, to make Ogre bows and arrows, as well as other ogre-related quests.
Oak1537.5Oak LogsYesThese trees are fairly common in RuneScape. They are nearby many cities, allowing quick access to a bank.
Willow3067.5Willow LogsYesThese trees are found near water. Some places they are found at include Port Sarim, Draynor Village, Lumbridge, south of Rimmington, Catherby and Seer's Village.
Teak*3585Teak LogsYesThese trees can be found in the Hardwood Grove by Tai Bwo Wannai, a village on member servers, a single tree in the woods south of Castle Wars, and in some other places. Players must pay 100 trading sticks, the currency in Tai Bwo Wannai, each time they enter the Hardwood Grove.
Maple*45100 / 110Maple LogsYesMaple trees can only be found on member servers. However, the logs can be traded in and burned in free worlds by free players and members. Player can get 110 experience if they chop in Seers' Village and have a Seers' headband equipped.
Hollow4582.5BarkYesThese are found east of Canifis, a village on member servers. When cut, they provide bark, which is used for making splitbark armour.
Mahogany*50125Mahogany LogsYesThese can be found in the Hardwood Grove by Tai Bwo Wannai, a village on member servers. Players must pay 100 trading sticks, the currency in Tai Bwo Wannai, each time they enter the fenced-in area where the trees are. They are also found on Ape Atoll, in the Kharazi Jungle, and Mos Le'Harmless.
Arctic pine5440Arctic pine logsYesThese trees are found on the island of Neitiznot. These logs are more known for Firemaking experience than woodcutting. They are also used to make Fremennik roundshields.
Eucalyptus logs*58165Eucalyptus logsYesThese trees are found only to the West of Oo'glog and are near Level 69-99 Ogresses. Outside of the quest, they are used only in firemaking.
Yew*60175Yew LogsYesThese trees give the most experience per log for free players. Free players can find these trees at Edgeville, south of Falador, north of Varrock Castle, in the Lumbridge graveyard, and various other locations. Members-only spots are in the Seers' Village churchyard, west of Catherby, and other places they also are a good way for free players to make money
Magic*75250MagicLogsYesThese trees are members-only. Cutting these trees takes time as they give logs at a comparatively slow rate. These trees are found at the Mage Training Arena, Sorcerer's Tower, southwest of Lletya and southwest of Camelot. There are also a few just north of the agility course in the Gnome Stronghold, and at the eastern edge.
Cursed Magic*82275Cursed magic logYesThese trees are members-only. They can only be cut after completing Spirit of Summer. Note: There is only 1 cursed magic tree.

* These trees are identified on the minimap by the Raretreeicon icon (teak and above).

Hatchet types Edit

HatchetLevel Attack levelPictureNotes
Bronze11Bronze AxeNew players receive this hatchet when they finish training at Tutorial Island. Bronze hatchets can also be bought from Bob's Axes in Lumbridge, and can be smithed. One can also be found outside Farmer Fred's house, north of Lumbridge. Also, the woodsman tutor in Lumbridge will supply players with a free one if the given player does not have one.
Iron11Iron axeIron hatchets can be bought from Bob's Axes in Lumbridge. They can also be smithed. Iron hatchets are better than bronze hatchets.
Steel65Steel axeSteel hatchets can be bought from Bob's Axes in Lumbridge. They can also be smithed. Steel hatchets are better than iron hatchets.
Black610Black axeBlack hatchets cannot be smithed, but are not rare and can be bought from players. Black hatchets are better than steel hatchets.
Mithril2120Mithril axeMithril hatchets can be bought from players or smithed. Mithril hatchets are better than black hatchets.
Adamant3130Adamantite axeAdamant hatchets can be bought from players or smithed. Adamant hatchets are better than mithril hatchets.
Rune4140Rune axeRune hatchets can be bought from players or smithed. Rune hatchets are better than adamant hatchets.
Sacred/Volatile Clay (members only)4040Volatile hatchetSacred or Volatile Clay Hatchets are obtained from the Stealing Creation Minigame, as either a Volatile Tool or a Morphic Tool. This hatchet is members-only, and equivalent in power to a rune hatchet. Also gives double experience for a limited time, until it is destroyed.
Dragon (members only)6160Dragon AxeDragon hatchets can be bought from players or obtained by killing Dagannoth Kings, and cannot be smithed. These hatchets are members-only. Dragon hatchets are better than rune hatchets.
Inferno Adze(members only)611InfernoadzeThe Inferno Adze is a reward from the All Fired Up minigame. Needs 92 Firemaking as well as a few other skill requirements (for the other beacons) to get and use.

Jungles Edit

Members can also cut small jungles in and around the small village Tai Bwo Wannai. Cutting down jungles is also part of the mini-game Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup.

Machetes Edit

To cut a jungle, players cannot use a hatchet. Instead, they need a machete, which must be wielded. There is no attack or woodcutting level required to wield any kind of machete.

Ordinary machetes can be bought from the general stores in Tai Bwo Wannai or Shilo Village. Opal, jade, and red topaz machetes are somewhat rarer, and can only be bought from Gabooty with trading sticks. All machetes are tradable as well, and can be bought or sold on the Grand Exchange.

Machete types Edit

MacheteImagePrice in storeNotes
MacheteMachete60 coinsThis is the slowest of the four types of machetes. It can be bought from Tai Bwo Wannai's general store, the Shilo Village general store, from Radimus Erkle's cupboard, or the peddler southwest of Glarial's grave.
Opal macheteOpal machete600 Trading Sticks This machete's speed is higher than that of the regular machete. It can be bought from Gabooty's Jungle Store or from Safta Doc.
Jade macheteJade machete1200 Trading Sticks This machete's speed is higher than that of the opal machete. It can be bought from Gabooty's Jungle Store or from Safta Doc.
Red topaz macheteRed topaz machete2400 Trading SticksThis is the fastest machete. It can also be bought from Gabooty's Jungle Store or from Safta Doc.

Jungle Edit

There are three different kinds of jungles. There are light jungles, medium jungles, and dense jungles. When players hack a jungle, they receive thatch spars and initiate the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame. Jungles are members-only.

Jungle types Edit


Canoes Edit

Members can also make canoes, which are used to travel on the River Lum, which goes from Lumbridge all the way to level 35 Wilderness. However, a certain woodcutting level is needed to carve the canoe tree into certain types of canoes. Canoes are useful when wanting to go from Edgeville to Lumbridge, etc.

How to make canoes Edit

Runescape features canoes-paddle

A player paddling on a waka canoe. This animation was replaced with one of a canoe traveling up the river after the release of Runescape HD.

To make a canoe, members have to find a canoe tree and have with them a hatchet they have the required woodcutting level to use. These trees can be found at canoe stations. These stations are located in the following places.

When the player has found a canoe tree at one of these stations, he/she can cut the tree down. The player then has to click on the fallen tree and select what type of canoe he/she wants to make. When the player has made the canoe they want, he/she then can click on the canoe to push it in the river. When in the river, the player can then click on the canoe and select where he/she wants to go.

Canoes can only go to a certain number of stations away. Higher level canoes can go farther than the lower level canoes.

Canoe types Edit

Log1230Can travel to one station away from where the player made it. Cannot enter the Wilderness.
Dugout2760Can travel up to two stations away from where the player made it. Cannot enter the Wilderness.
Stable dugout4290Can travel up to three stations away from where the player made it. Cannot enter the Wilderness.
Waka57150Can travel to any station. Can enter the Wilderness.

Other Edit

The woodcutting stumps on Neitiznot can be used to make special items out of the arctic pine logs native to the island.

Fremennik round shield56?Made with Arctic pine logs, rope, and nails on a stump on Neitiznot.
Split arctic pine logs565Made with Arctic pine logs on a stump on Neitiznot, no particular use after the quest The Fremennik Isles

Nests Edit

If the player is a member, a bird nest may fall out of the tree they are cutting. Wearing a strung rabbit foot gives a better chance of getting a Bird nest drop while woodcutting. He or she can either pick up the nest and search it or just leave it on the ground, though it is recommended that the player search it. When the player searches it, they will be given a random item, either a sapphire, emerald, ruby, or diamond ring; a red, green, or blue bird's egg (can be hatched in an incubator with 70 summoning); a raven egg (can be hatched in an incubator with 50 summoning); or a tree seed that can be used for farming. The empty nest can be used with a pestle and mortar to get a crushed nest, an ingredient in the Saradomin brew.

Discontinued random eventsEdit

This event was removed as part of the February 25, 2009 Random Event Update.
The doctor

A graphical glitch caused by the discontinued Dr. Ford Random Event

  • Lost Axe Head: While cutting trees, a player's axe might split, causing the axe head to fly off. The head would land somewhere nearby, usually 3 to 10 squares away. When this happened, the player had to find the axe head quickly before someone else saw it and grabbed it. When the player had found the axe head, he or she could then use it with their handle to put the axe back together. This random event was discontinued due to player complaints and the addition of the Surprise Exam! random event.
  • Dr Ford: While cutting trees, a piece of wood could fall on a player causing them to get dizzy. With their vision blurred they had to guess how many fingers Dr Ford was holding up to get a fruit. Otherwise, they would be taken away. This event was removed due to various glitches caused by this random event. This event also used to exist in mining.
  • Ents: A tree may turn into an ent at any time. Players can tell if the tree they are cutting is an ent if the tree starts shaking, has an angry face somewhere on its trunk, a yellow dot on the mini-map where the tree is, the name of the tree will be in yellow instead of a teal colour, and the tree is bigger than normal. As soon the tree starts showing the symptoms of an ent, players must walk away and wait for the tree to transform back into its original state. If the player keeps cutting the tree, the ent will break the axe. To fix it, players will have to take the axe back to Bob, the owner of Bob's Axes, located in Lumbridge, to get it fixed for a price. However, the Inferno Adze and Sacred Clay axe obtained from the Stealing Creation minigame cannot break.
  • Tree spirits: While cutting trees, a Tree Spirit would appear and begin attacking a player. The combat level of the spirit depended on the level of the player it was attacking, but it would always be higher than that player's combat level. The Tree Spirit's combat level varied from level 14 to 159. The player could either kill it or run away from it. If a player killed a Tree Spirit, it could drop some axes, herbs and seeds for members, bananas, runes, various miscellaneous items, or nothing.
Tree spirit

The tree spirit

Making money Edit

The logs gathered through woodcutting can be sold for profit, with higher-level logs usually selling for more money. While far from a spectacular income (even with a maxed woodcutting level, it's unusual to make more than about 150k gp per hour no matter what you chop--even less for free players), but still is a good way to make gold. The most common place to buy or sell logs is at the Grand Exchange. A list of prices for logs can be found at the Grand Exchange Market Watch.

For some advice on making money through woodcutting, see the woodcutting section of the Money making guide.

Training Edit

See Woodcutting training

Runescape controls emotes skillcape woodcutting

Woodcutting Skill Cape Emote.

Temporary boosts Edit

Other itemsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • In early history, only regular trees could be cut. The experience given was based on the player's woodcutting level, or 28.25 + level * 1.75. After fletching was added, it was briefly reduced to 12.5 experience, and then raised to 25. While Jagex compensated for this by adding one-click woodcutting, many players (especially free users) were upset that reaching a high-level woodcutting would take many times longer.
  • If you use a herring with a tree you will get a message saying "This is not the mightiest tree in the forest." This is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. In addition, if you use a herring on the doors of the Grand Tree, a message appears saying "It can't be done," referencing another line in the movie.
  • When the Dragon hatchet first came out, it cut logs at the exact same rate as a rune hatchet. This was updated later on, making the dragon hatchet the best hatchet in the game.
  • There was a strange glitch in the game where, if a player used the clap emote and then quickly tried to cut a normal tree it will appear that they are clapping the tree away. Whether this was intentional or accidental is not known. This is now fixed but if you try it another glitch is shown that after you are done clapping you don't cut the tree at all and it disappears.
  • Woodcutting animations were updated on 11th November 2008:
  • Maple tree examine information says "I bet this makes good syrup" which in reality you can get maple syrup.
  • Hatchets were referred to in-game simply as axes until an update on the 1st of April, 2009. The change was made to avoid confusion with other axe types, such as pickaxes or battleaxes.

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