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'Phite Club is a quest that was released along with the city of Menaphos.


Start pointQuest map icon
'Phite Club icon
Speak with Hassan in the Merchant district of Menaphos
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyMaster Master
Official lengthShort
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:


  • Level 85+ Magic/Ranged
  • Level 85+ Defence
  • Level 67+ Summoning (For Beast of burden)
  • Level 43+ Prayer (For the protection prayers)
  • Combat equipment, potions and food
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • None

Magic/ranged equipment, Feathers of Ma'at, Beast of burden, skill boosting potion (Super magic potion if you're planning to use magic for the battle), emergency teleport (Merchant district teleport)

  • Combat equipment, potions and food.
  • A Ring of life is highly recommended, especially for Hardcore Ironmen, due to a glitch causing an otherwise guaranteed death.
Enemies to defeat

Getting started

Osman reveals himself

Osman reveals he now has proof of his lineage

Speak with Hassan in the Merchant district, and he will ask for your help. He asks for Ehsan for a short moment of privacy, and she sticks her fingers in her ears. Osman appears, asks you how you see the city, and that your reputation with its leaders have provided him the perfect opportunity to sneak in after his exile. Osman reveals the dark secrets of the city, and reveals his plans to not only overthrow the usurpers on the throne, but to restore social justice.

One small favour


Osman reveals that he has a secret deal with Ehsan. Speak with her. She says that she will assist in the coup if she keeps her position and power, in addition to new influence within the city. Hassan reveals that Osman has already promised her these things. Finally, she asks you to speak with Wadud about some ports workers that are on strike over unfair wages.


Speak with Wadud in the pub in the Port district. He informs you that he knows about the coup, but not what Osman wants of him. Wadud agrees, wanting social change in the city, and believing Osman to be the lesser of two evils. However, he wants you to find some people willing to load cargo onto his ships from this point on, as his sailors don't like the menial work. He asks you to speak to the workers.


Speak to Batal next to the bonfire in the Worker district. He tells you of the jobs crisis in his district, and how his people are starving and fear for loss of what few jobs they do have. You tell him of Osman's revolution, and he is skeptical, but agrees to take part in the coup, on the condition that the workers may retire once they reach a certain age, like the other castes do. In order to do this they must be granted imperial signets from the Pharaoh, but lately he has stopped this tradition. He asks you to speak with those in the Imperial district to resume these ancient proceedings.


Speak to Akhomet in Imperial district. You inform her of the coup and she is alarmed that you would speak so brazenly and openly about it. She agrees, however, that he is unfit to rule, admitting that she has seen him fall into psychosis, and lose touch with his people and the city. Her only condition is that the coup be bloodless, insisting that the Pharaoh get the mental help that he needs. You admit that Osman also wishes for it to be bloodless and she agrees so long as you can get the other city leaders on board with the coup. She comes up with yet another "only condition", this one being you bringing the Jack of Spades to justice.


Speak to Ozan in the lobby of the Shifting Tombs. You inform him of what is going on and ask if you can take him prisoner. He declines and gives you his cowl and insists you cover it in blood to make it look like he is dead.

Finishing the deals

Use Ozan's mask with the bucket of blood next to the fish stall in the merchant district to dirty it with blood. Give Ozan's blood-covered mask to Akhomet in imperial district. She is shocked that you killed him, but impressed that you claimed to have burned his body. She gives you an imperial signet. Give the signets to Batal in worker district. He thanks you and promises to pass them out to the most deserving. He gives you an employment certification, promising to send his best and brightest workers to Wadud. Give the certificate to Wadud in port district. He says that he will ensure the worker strikes are brought to an end, and directs you to Ehsan. Speak to Ehsan back at merchant district who informs you that she has already received word that the strikes have stopped. She gives her full support.

Confronting the Pharaoh

Items needed: Combat equipment and food, Ring of life and preferably a Sign of life or Portent of life as well due to a glitch (see below bolded section)
Items recommended: Feathers of Ma'at, Beast of Burden, emergency teleport

Read carefully through before you gear up for the ensuing battle. It is recommended to use ranged or magic, and bring shark or better food, along with prayer potions and a beast of burden familiar (war tortoise or better) as some player character may unexpectedly take a lot of damage during the fight. Speak to Hassan to teleport to the throne room. When you arrive, the cities faction leaders will watch you fight from the far corners of the room. First, you must battle four level 105 menaphite palace guards. Two of them use melee and have 20,000 life points; the other two use magic and have 25,000 life points. Try to line up the melee users to reduce taking simultaneous damage.

Battle with the Pharaoh

The battle with the Pharaoh

Once they are dead you will reach a checkpoint, if you're running low on food make sure to quickly teleport out of the Throne Room to restock before engaging the next battle. You do not need to fight the Menaphos palace guards again. The Pharaoh will approach you with 150,000 life points. He can be relatively difficult if you're not prepared and will cast powerful magic attacks, which makes protection prayer against magic very helpful during the battle. The Pharaoh's battle will apply corruption identical to the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon, so bring feathers of Ma'at to cleanse it and reduce damage taken, and he spreads green fire that can deal 1,000 damage per tick, so make sure to move around a lot. If you die here, it is not considered a safe death; your gravestone will appear in the imperial district, west of the Shifting Tombs entrance.

He has three different special attacks, which he uses after every 3 auto-attacks.

  • The first is a Corrupted Fire attack that randomly covers parts of the field as he yells "There's nowhere you can run!", which deals 1000 damage per tick. This attack can be the most unpredictable so make sure you are healed enough to at least endure some of the damage if you happen to be standing in the fire and move away from it as quickly as you can.
  • The second attack, he yells either "Kneel!" or "Usurpers!" and stuns you, dealing 100 damage that rapidly increases by 100 until you break free. Use Freedom to remove the stun, or Anticipation after his third auto-attack to block it.
  • The final attack is "Feel the wrath of the gods!". He will hit 3 magic attacks in a row dealing anywhere from 1000-2000 damage each. Protect/Deflect magic reduces the damage greatly, running around also helps interrupting the rapid damage from the attack.

After losing approximately half of his life points, there will be a small cutscene where the Pharaoh removes his mask. He will summon fire around him for a short time, making melee difficult, and his magic attacks will now hit harder - Protect from Magic will help reducing the incoming damage as well as running around during his 3 rapid magic attacks. Note that if corrupted fire was created when he hits half health (75,000) there is a glitch that teleports you to the center and causes you to get trapped in the fire. You will not be able to act for a short while. The cutscene's beginning takes enough time to cause a guaranteed death, even if you have boosted health over 10,000, however a Ring of life still works and will save you, provided you are hit to under 10% of your maximum lifepoints without dying first. For this reason, it's recommended to wear a Ring of life and keep an eye on his health, and if he's near 75,000 and has summoned fire, wait until it's gone away to continue.


Osman kills the Pharoah

Osman assassinates the Pharaoh

When you beat him, the Pharaoh tells you that once upon a time, he prayed to the Gods to help him rule, but the only one to answer his prayers was Amascut, who corrupted him. His corruption by Amascut has been lifted, and desires that you pass judgement. He realizes that what he did was horrible and begs mercy in atoning for his sins. At this point, you can decide the Pharaoh's fate. You can Exile him to the Arc, Execute, Imprison, or Enslave him. However, regardless of your decision, Osman will appear and declare that it is his right to choose. He then kills the Pharaoh by stabbing him in the neck with his dagger.

Amascut at the Soul Altar

Amascut damages the soul altar and kills Jabari

A cutscene begins with Amascut, Jabari and two Thralls at the soul altar, with the Kharid-ib floating above. Tumeken speaks through the Thralls and Jabari, telling Amascut to forget her anger, and give up on this task, that he is afraid. Amascut insists that destruction is necessary, and screams that she is not his daughter. She finally yells "I am Amascut!" and power shoots out of the Kharid-ib into the four people present, and the screen fades to black.

Make sure to have a free inventory spot, otherwise the Relic of Tumeken can be retrieved from one of the Menaphite royal guards next to the throne.

Quest complete!


'Phite Club reward

Required for completing



  • The quest name is a reference to the 1999 cult film Fight Club.
    • In the quest you are repeatedly asked to "Talk about 'Phite Club". In the Fight Club movie this was considered a violation of rules 1 & 2, which stated "Do not talk about Fight Club".


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