Chasing Jack Frost
Release date 16 December 2008 (Update)
End date 6 January 2009 (Update)
Emote Freeze
Head developer Frédérique M
Preceded by 2007 Christmas event
Succeeded by A Christmas Warble (2009)

The 2008 Christmas event was released on 16 December 2008 and was removed on 6 January 2009. It was released alongside a permanent quest called Myths of the White Lands.

Times are grave this Wintumber... Jack Frost has escaped from the Land of Snow and seems intent upon bringing misery to all those around him. What else could you expect from a surly teenager with a rebellious streak? As if things weren't bad enough, Santa seems to have gone missing...

The Queen of Snow is eager to see Jack back in the Land of Snow, and has sent some snow imps to look for her wayward son. Imps occasionally have problems sticking to task at hand (why do some dreary chore when you could be playing pranks on humans, after all?) and could do with some direction.

— Jagex's Christmas 2008 Event Guide

The Event

To start the event, a player first had to find one of the three festive-looking head snow imps. They looked like other snow imps except that they wore a Santa Hat. There were three especially important imps, who were stationed at the scenes of some of Jack Frost's vandalism (he was creating large ice patches that players could skate on). Players could find them near the ice patches in the following locations:

The snow imps would gladly tell players of their woes, and if they were willing to help out, they'd provide the player with an ice amulet that could be used to summon one of their friends.

To get started on hunting for Jack, players wore the necklace and right-clicked 'Operate' away from snow ground. They'd suddenly discover that a snow imp had appeared to give them a hand. Snow imps are naturally aware of extraordinary cold, and could tell when they were headed towards someone as cold as Jack Frost. As a player started moving around, they'd be able to click on your imp to check whether they were getting hotter or colder - following the imp's directions would quickly lead them to the right location.

1. Head to any of the Head Snow imps.

2. They would give the player an ice amulet. Operating it away from a snowy field to summon a snow imp. Players couldn't have any pets/familiars/followers while operating the ice amulet.

3. The closer to Jack Frost the colder a player would get. This is somewhat similar to the enchanted key in Making History. The descending order for distance was Hot > Warm > Cool > Cold > Freezing.

Jack Frost was in only one of 15 locations at a time.

Imp name Location Image
Freddie Along the wall of the Grand Exchange on the west side. Freddie location
Charlie South of Varrock. Charlie (imp) location
Murphy West of Edgeville/south of the Edgeville Monastery. Murphy's location
Norris Just north of the dungeon entrance near Thurgo. Norris's location
Benny South-east of the Lumber Yard. Benny location
Magnus North of the Black Knights' Fortress. Magnus's location
Rasmus South of the Lumbridge Swamp. Rasmus location
Marcus Along the western wall of the Wizards' Tower. Marcus location
Boris North-East of Varrock. Boris location
Morris South of the Grand Exchange. Morris location
Marvin West of Ice Mountain. Marvin's location
Barry South of Draynor Manor and North of Draynor Village. Barry location
Marius South of Gunnarsgrunn. Marius's location
Dennis In the north-east corner of the Lumbridge cow pen. Dennis location
Murray South-east corner of Falador. Murray's location

4. Once a player found Jack Frost, they were frozen, but their ice amulet would prevent them from dying. The snow imp would now be able to teleport them to his hideout.

5. Once there, Jack would tell the player that he wouldn't go back until they defeated him.

6. Players would slide on the ice patch so they would bump into him, shouting "Oof!"

7. The Queen of Snow would appear and you would learn that the ice sculpture was Santa Claus.

8. After the cutscene, Santa was defrosted and players were rewarded with a Santa suit.


Santa costume equipped
Players were rewarded a Santa costume for saving Christmas.


  • The ice amulet, which could be used to summon a snow imp follower all around RuneScape during the two weeks of the Christmas 2008 event. After the event, a snow imp follower can be summoned at the Land of Snow from the Myths of the White Lands quest.
Santa costume (female) equipped


Jack's hideout

Jack's hideout on the World Map.

  • When you attempted to take off your ice amulet, which prevented you from turning into ice, you wouldn't take it off, but, instead, you would be frozen in ice.
  • All locations were described as "North of ..." as a reference to the commonly accepted place of Santa Claus's residence, the North Pole.
  • As a reference to Monty Python's 'Life of Brian' film, Jack is not referred to as evil, but just 'a very naughty boy'.
  • If you tried to remove your amulet while talking to Jack Frost when you first found him, your summoned imp would say "No! If you do that you'll ruin the whole operation!"
    • If the imp was dismissed at that time, the player would refuse to remove the amulet as he/she remembered the words.
  • The area that Jack teleported to can be found north of the Lumber Yard near Varrock; although it is in the Wilderness, at the time, it was not considered, and you were therefore safe from player killers. The ice walls surrounding Jack were no longer present, but the sliding ice floor (and the frozen sleigh, if you have not completed the event) were. The area can still be accessed today, although it is now empty and considered part of the Wilderness.

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