A Towering Feast
Release date 20 December 2011 (Update)
Emote Chaotic Cookery
Head developer Mod Pi
Preceded by O Little Town of Daemonheim (2010)
Succeeded by N/A

"A Towering Feast", also known as the 2011 Christmas event, is a seasonal RuneScape holiday event. It was announced in the December 2011 Behind the Scenes and was released on 20 December 2011.[1] The event focuses on the wizards of Wizards' Tower. Players are able to party with the wizards and play in the snow.[1] Rewards for the event include a Chaotic Cookery emote based on making a feast using a cannon, a Christmas wand and a new pet for members.[2]


File:Towering Feast Minimap.png

Map of the "Wizard's Tower"

To start this event, talk to Wizard Sinterklaas outside of the Wizards' Tower south of Draynor Village. Agree to help him, then go through the portal against the wall of the tower.

The portal takes you to a copy of the Wizards' tower. Enter the door of the second tower and talk to Sedridor. He will ask you to wait in the library because you're early. Tell Sedridor you're there to help and he will explain that he does need it, because all the other early arrivals (wizards from the Wizards' Guild) are only there to criticise. He will tell you who needs help and where.

During the quest if you talk to Sedridor he will explains the reason why there is a second tower, i.e. that the wizards are lazy and didn't want to both set up and tidy away, so they're going to set up in a pocket dimension for the feast and then destroy the dimension afterwards.

Helping Isidor

The Snow Emitters placed in correct positions.

The snow-covered banquet hall.

Isidor can be found in the basement of the tower. The player needs to help him cover the floor of the banquet area in snow by placing snow emitters.

When placed, the emitters shoot snow in four directions, blocked by furniture and bricked edges. Removing an emitter also removes the snow it placed. To remove an emitter, click next to it. Clicking directly on it will not work. You can also click next to the snow it emitted for it to be removed, but as before, do not click directly on it. Emitters must not be placed where they can fire at each other.

Isidor will enchant the player to see the weak spots in the inter-dimensional rifts. The weak spots are shown as numbers. The larger the number, the more emitters can be placed near them. Emitters can only be placed near these rifts.

You are informed with a dialogue box when you have covered the floor with snow. If you think you have finished and do not get the dialogue then look carefully for a square that does not have snow on it. Talk to Isidor before you leave or this part of the event will not count as finished.

Helping Wizard Grayzag/Whitezag

Wizard Grayzag, or Wizard Whitezag for those players who have completed the Void quest series, is on the highest floor. He's standing in a corner and wearing a black robe. He's supposedly summoning some waiters. He needs help finding implings that escaped from him and his hat. There are four implings (two outside the tower, and two inside).

  • The first imp is on the ground floor of the tower hiding inside the bookcase in the southwest corner.
  • The second is in the fountain just outside the tower.
  • The third one is in the oak tree around the back of the tower.
  • The fourth one is on the first floor under the south-western (grey, not red) bed.

Note: The oak tree imp may or may not have the summoner's missing hat.

When you have sent all the imps home, go back and report to Grayzag/Whitezag. You will suggest using snow imps as waiters, to which he will exclaim that it is a great idea. Then he will suddenly claim that he already was going to use snow imps and will say that it was his idea. Once the dialogue is over, you will receive credit for Grayzag's/Whitezag's part of the quest.

Helping Kris and Kringle

A player attempting to catch a Christmas pudding.

Go back to the basement.

Kris and Kringle are chefs hired to handle the catering. Speak to Kringle, near the cannon, and he will tell you to speak to Kris to find out what to do. Simply speaking to Kris will not work. They need help finding the ingredients for the Christmas pudding. Players will need to find the following: 5 Enchanted christmas puddings, 2 Dragon's eyes, 2 Lesser demon claws, and a Christmas spirit.

  • 5 Christmas Puddings: Watch for them to jump out of pots, etc. then "Check". It is possible to get all the puddings from the same location.
  • Use a Christmas spirit jar, given to you by Kris, on three different players or NPCs.
  • Speak to Traiborn about dragon eyes. He is located on the first floor. He will refuse to give you the eyes from his dragon bust, so must be distracted by selecting the "thingummywut" option, at which point you will automatically take the dragon eyes.
    File:Timmy's Anger level.PNG

    The meter.

  • File:Toy Chest.png

    Timmy's Toy Chest.

    On the second floor, talk to Wizard Gray/Whitezag, Speak to Timmy to obtain the first claw. Speak to Timmy again.
  • An anger meter appears at the top of the screen. In order to fill the meter, you could:
  • Simply attempt to talk to him.
  • Go into Timmy's toy chest and take out items to use on Timmy. toy dolls, snowballs, or Christmas puddings increases his anger level but all others decreases it. You could destroy his Christmas present, leading to a short conversation and his anger level rising.
  • Do certain emotes. Among the emotes, Laugh, Jump for joy, Think, Jig, Blow Kiss, Raspberry, Flap and Stomp increases Timmy’s anger level, while Dance, Yawn, Bow, Curtsy, Shrug, Headbang, Cry, Panic, Slap Head and Scared lowers it. Most, if not all, other emotes have no effect.
  • If you annoy him with the same action repeatedly, he would start ignoring you. Switch to another action when this happens.
  • When his Anger meter fills fully he will be so mad, you will be able to obtain the second set of claws.
  • Sometimes the anger meter would appear to be fully filled but you don't get the claws. Simple do another option to actually complete the process.
  • Ask Wizard Mizgog, located near Timmy if he has a broken wand to obtain a sparking wand.

Kringle is struck by the pudding.

Once you have retrieved all the items, head back down and talk to Kris. He will then tell you to go talk to Kringle. Kringle will tell you to add the ingredients to the cooking device. Add the ingredients to the "cooking device" in the order: Christmas puddings, Timmy's claws, dragon eyes, dwarven spice (found in barrel nearby), and Christmas spirit. Kringle would stop you if you try to add them in any wrong order. Talk to Kringle and watch him cook (a short cutscene will play).

Dodging the christmas pudding.

After the cutscene, you have to talk to Kringle again or it won't count as completed (all the way through "With pleasure"). He will say that he is a better cook than Humans and that his pudding is delicious.

Helping Wizard Sioncorn

Wizard Sioncorn, located on the top floor, is a Fairy wizard who needs you to help her get some decorations out of the attic. It seems that the decorations have come alive due to leaked magic from being in an attic full of powerful magic artefacts, and they keep trying to escape from her. While she carries a box to the portal, grab the decorations that jump out. They include Tinsel Snakes, baubles and balloon animals. The baubles are the hardest to catch, being small and bounces up and down rapidly. If more than six decorations escape, Wizard Sioncorn would teleport away, saying that they are everywhere. You must go through the portal to return to the Wizards' Tower, and talk to her to try again. If you fail, the decorations could still be grabbed, but this does not help in any way.

Do not stand in her way. She couldn't walk through you, so you'll need to keep the decorations in check for longer.

Catching the decorations.

Once you are done grabbing the decorations, she will tell you it's okay to exit through the portal. When you attempt to do this, you'll get a message telling you if you leave anything on the floor, it will be lost forever. Exit anyway (unless you dropped something you need in there). Sioncorn will thank you for your help and her section of the event will be finished.

Note: It is suggested to do this in low graphics if you are prone to lag issues so you can pick up all the gifts before she leaves the room.

Finishing up


Go speak to Sedridor again to tell him you've finished. A cutscene will start, showing the wizards gathered around the table. An argument will break out between Grayzag/Whitezag and Frumscone, which Sedridor will teleport to a separate room. Quest complete. After the Quest is complete if you have your Ice Amulet from the Christmas 2008 Event, you can summon your Snow Imp from the Land of Snow to join you at the Banquet dinner.

Sparkles the Tinsel Snake

After the quest, talk to Sedridor sitting at the table; he will tell you about the dilemma of the escaped Christmas snake. You can choose to catch Sparkles, a members only pet. To catch the snake, go to the kitchen and simply skim through all of the pots, bags and jars. There's a possibility of catching the snake while checking the items in the room, but it can also be found on the floor moving from one place to another.

The Battle of Snow

Two snowmen fighting.

After the quest, you can enter the chamber that Grayzag/Whitezag and Frumscone were teleported to so you can fight for one of the wizards' snowman army. You can grab snowballs from one of the teams' snow piles and make snowmen using the piles on the battlefield. You can also throw snowballs at snowmen on your team (or the other's) for ten points of healing. There is also a counter at the top of the screen showing how many snowmen each side has escorted to the other side. Upon reaching the other side, a snowman will wait until a snowman is summoned on that space, when it will melt to make room. If you have your snowglobe from the Christmas 2007 Event then you can shake and use it to fill your inventory with snowballs, which allows you to make snowmen easier during the battle.


2011 Christmas event reward.png




  • The cutscene where the player dodges the pudding cannonball is a reference to the movie The Matrix.
  • Mod Pi has confirmed there is a 'secret' way to anger Timmy, the demon, however it has not yet been found by players.
  • If you try to set up a Dwarf Multicannon in the kitchen where the secret dwarven cooking device is, it will say "Too many cooks spoil the Christmas Pudding!"
  • Upon searching the bookcase closest to the Oak tree the message is a reference to Borat.
  • You can summon your snow imp from the ice amulet from the 2008 Christmas event, inside the portal and at the banquet and he can talk to the waiter Snow Imps.
  • When placing Snow Emitters, if you check the pot in the next room you will receive the message stating that you cannot place emitters firing at each other.
  • If you play the piano in the Wizards Tower used during the quest, it will play Christmas music.
  • The examine option for the snow emiters is "BOOM! And the dungeon floor is gone!" This is a reference from a Cillit Bang advertisement whose slogan is "BAM! And the dirt is gone!".
  • If you talk to wizard Korvak at the banquet, you say 'Korvac' instead of 'Korvak'.
  • Ziemmassve'tku veci'tis (the spell used to banish Grayzag's implings) is very similar to the Latvian word for Father Christmas. (Ziemassvētku Vecītis).
  • Sioncorn is a reference to the Welsh name for Father Christmas.
  • Kris and Kringle are references to one of the names for Santa Claus, Kris Kringle.
  • Sinterklaas is the name of a saint in the Netherlands (holiday on 5 December) and Belgium (holiday on 6 December). Sinterklaas is also the origin of Santa Claus/Father Christmas.
  • When you talk to wizard Sinterklaas after completing the event and choose option 1 he will tell that "the tower is bigger on the inside for tower wizards" which refers to the Doctor Who Policebox.


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