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Deathcon II
Release date 17 October 2011 (Update)
End date 7 November 2011 (Update)
Emote Living on Borrowed Time
Head developer Stephen R
Preceded by 2010 Hallowe'en event
Succeeded by 2012 Hallowe'en event
Deathcon II icon.png

Deathcon II, the 2011 Hallowe'en event, was released on 17 October 2011 and ended on the update of the morning of 7 November 2011. The event consisted of three puzzles that had to be solved and featured Living on Borrowed Time as the emote reward and a Deathcon lanyard, a Deathcon t-shirt and an hourglass item rewards, the last being members-only. The event could be started at the western end of the Clan Camp. Players could bring Eek for additional dialogue. The event was open to everyone, free players and members alike, having had a run time of three weeks.[1]


The Horsemen

To start the event, talk to Frank to the west of the clan camp. He will tell you about the Deathcon and how he needs your help. He will give you a Deathcon lanyard.

Go through the clan portal to the east of Frank with the Lanyard and select the option to enter the deathcon. You will now find yourself in the Grim Reaper's Citadel.

The map of the Grim Reaper's Citadel


Statues (Beauty)

From the portal, follow the path to where you see a moving statue named Beauty. Talk to her and she will tell you that you must set up statues as decorations. The first stage of this is picking a statue for each clan member. She will describe what each member likes and you must select the appropriate creature for their statues. The correct responses should reflect the creature in the list below, otherwise, you get a description of the incorrect creature and Beauty gives you a chance to try again.

  • War - Demon Warlord

After the correct statues have been chosen for each member, you must go to the welcome portal to place the statues. You must place them in the correct spots based on the information given by Beauty about their preferences.

Guide for Statue placement

Facing North, starting at the top, and moving right to the middle, then down and left to the South:

  1. (North) - Pestilence (Skeleton Statue)
  2. (Northeast) - Frank (Glacor Statue)
  3. (East) - Death (Green Dragon)
  4. (Southeast) - Famine (Giant Spider)
  5. (South) - War (Demon Warlord)

You must speak to Beauty again before you can enter the Grim Reaper's tent.


From the portal, go West down the path, then North to the Keep. Head upstairs and talk to Infinity to start the puzzle, who is the spider DJ presiding over the dancefloor in the party room. Note that the staircase is located on the south-east and south-west corners of the keep.

Infinity will tell you that help is needed to turn on the lights underneath the dancefloor in order to create a picture on it. You will be given an Dance floor manual with instructions as to how this can be done.

The nonogram resolved to a pumpkin

The dancefloor-puzzle is a nonogram. Step on it to activate the puzzle and make some numbers appear on top and on the left of the floor. The image on the right shows the completed image.

Clicking on a tile causes you to go and stamp on it to turn it on. Only the tile that you click on will change colour (not all that you step on, as is the case in some common puzzles). If you accidentally light the wrong tile, clicking on it will turn it off again. If you use the solution given, you have to stomp on all the tiles which the picture to the right shows. They can be done in any order, so simply clicking on all the red tiles as shown on the picture should do the trick.

There are numbers alongside the dancefloor. Each set of numbers describes a row or a column, in terms of how many red tiles there are in it. A single number means that there is a single blob of x red tiles, with no spacing in between, for example 6 means there are six red tiles in a row. Several numbers mean there are several blobs of red tiles, with spacing in between, eg 2,4,2 means there's two tiles in a row, a gap, then four in a row, another gap and then two in a row again. However, the spacing between the tiles can be of different length.


Go to Frank on the roof. He needs help in lighting the fireworks on top of the roof. To do this, you must instruct his chicken (named Horses) in order to get him to reach and light each of the fireworks. Horses moves like a knight in chess except he cannot jump over obstacles (two steps forward and one to the side, in any direction).

To move Horses, simply click on the tile you want him to move to. Remember, Horses can only move in an L-shape direction. Clicking on a tile he cannot reach in this way will not cause him to move.

Follow in order: Yellow, Purple, Blue & Green.

This puzzle can be solved in 19 steps going to all four fireworks in one path. See the above image for the path taken to set off all of the fireworks. Note that the camera angle is facing north.


Once all three clan members have been helped, talk to Death in the R.I.P. Tent, near the notice board. He will give you your reward: A Deathcon II T-Shirt, an hourglass wielded as a shield (if a member), and the Living on Borrowed Time emote.


2011 Hallowe'en event reward.png

Special event

As announced on the notice board a special event was launched at 29 October. The player can enter the theatre at the top floor of Death's citadel. During the event players will need to find the answers to a series of questions in the Runefest puzzle book and find the correct numbers of the questions that spell the word "PASSWORD". If the player answers it right to Fame, the player will be rewarded with a sock/buskin mask.

The correct sequence of numbers is:
P14, A26, SS24, W19, O18, R6, D22.

A golden scythe was also rewarded to the first 25 RuneFest attendees to complete the puzzle, making it about the rarest item in the game.

Music unlocked


  • The name of the event, Deathcon II is a pun on the name of the annual hardstyle festival Defqon.1 held in Australia and the Netherlands.
  • One of the creatures that can be picked when selecting a statue is Crimson clupea. This is an alternative name for a red herring. If selected, Beauty will remark "That option is just a red herring".
  • The clan's name, The Horsemen, is not a direct reference to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, contrary to popular belief.

    Fame at Deathcon II

    The names 'Death', 'Famine', and 'War' are the names of the three of the Four Horsemen, referenced in the last book of The New Testament of the Christian Bible. The fourth, 'Pestilence,' is widely regarded as the Fourth Horsemen in popular culture, replacing the rider 'Conquest' mentioned in Scripture. As confirmed in the Update FAQ, they are a reference to the four levels of the Stronghold of Security; the Vault of War, Catacomb of Famine, Pit of Pestilence and Sepulchre of Death. However, since the four levels of the Stronghold of Security are a reference to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the clan's name is a reference to a reference.
  • The information point at the Battlefield Entrance states "Please don't feed the crows; they're murder to get rid of." This is a pun, as the collective noun for a group of crows is a "murder."
  • When selecting War's statue, Beauty said "And War, huh, he's good for absolutely nothing..." was a tribute to the 1970 Vietnam War protest song "War" by Edwin Starr, with the lyric "War, huh, yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing". The player's response, "Say that again" is also an homage to the song lyrics ("Say it again, y'all").

Pumpkin Pete is back!

  • Frank allows you to "assume direct control" of Horses on the roof, which may be a reference to Mass Effect 2, in which "I am assuming direct control" is a prominent line of dialogue.
  • After completing the event and talking to Death, at some point he will say "The only sure things in life is death and taxis." Your character responds by saying "I'm pretty sure it's taxes." This is a play off of Benjamin Franklin's quote, "Nothing in this world is certain, except death and taxes."
  • If you were at the Horsemen's citadel when the Hallowe'en event finished, upon logging in you would be found next to the clan portal with a message in the chatbox: "You have been unceremoniously kicked out of Deathcon II."
  • Father Aereck and Dardar were seen promoting gravestones.



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