Up to Snow Good
2013 Christmas event
Release date 17 December 2013 (Update)
End date 7 January 2014 (Update)
Reward San'tar spawnling, Tinsel scarf, Rockin' Around the Tree, and Christmas jumper
Head developer Ana S
Preceded by A Stray in a Manger (2012)
Succeeded by Festive Cheer (2014)

Up to Snow Good is the 2013 Christmas holiday event. Zamorak, angered at his loss in the Battle of Lumbridge, has sent his greater demon minion San’tar Klaws to kidnap Santa Claus and ruin Christmas. Participating in the event involves players choosing between Santa's "Naughty" and "Nice" lists, deciding whether they want a Zamorakian Christmas, which will be filled with chaos and disorder, or if they want a traditional Christmas, full of festive cheer.

The event takes place in the Lumbridge crater, which, in celebration of the season, has been blanketed in snow and festively decorated. A large snow globe containing a model of Lumbridge Castle can be found floating over the hole in the centre of the crater, and boxes of presents can be found scattered around, some of which function as a bank, and finally, a large Christmas tree can be found in the centre of the crater that players may decorate with baubles.

A number of characters from past Christmas events make small cameos in the event, including the Snow imp, the Queen of Snow, Jack Frost, and Marmaros and Thok.


Starting the event

San'tar Klaws chathead

The event can be started by entering the Lumbridge crater, found just west of Lumbridge. You can either teleport there using the Lumbridge lodestone, or talk to a Snow impling next to the Grand Exchange, Varrock Square, or near Falador square, who will teleport you to the crater.

Flaming Christmas tree

San'tar Klaws has imprisoned Santa!

When you enter the crater, Santa Claus will call to you for help. Talk to San'tar Klaws or the imprisoned Santa, and you will discover that San'tar was sent by Zamorak to ruin Christmas, and that he kidnapped and imprisoned Santa after he attempted to hold a fair to cheer up the citizens of Lumbridge.

San'tar will tell you that the Christmas festivities have been cancelled, but after you ask him if there will be any presents, he tells you that you can earn some presents if you participate in the fair in a suitably naughty manner, ruining Christmas. Santa Claus will interject and say that's not the only way, and that if you participate in the fair nicely, your Christmas cheer may be able to scare the demon away and save Christmas.

Collecting points

Christmas 2013 HUD

In order to either impress San'tar Klaws or scare him off with your merriment, you will need to gain either 750 Nice points or 750 Naughty points. Both types of points can be obtained by participating in one of the activities of the fair, with each activity having a "nice" way to complete it in addition to a "naughty one", with the rewarded type of points being dependent on your actions.

Every 20 minutes, one of the activities (except the decorating tree with Baubles activity) will become an "Enhanced Event", and will grant double Naughty or Nice points for participating in it. The current Enhanced Event can be seen on the interface at the top of the screen.

Rewards will also be unlocked as you participate in the event, unlocking once you reach a certain a combined total of your naughty and nice points.

Snowball Arena

Queen of Snow chathead
Snowball arena

Players participating in a snowball fight.

The Snowball arena can be found in the south west of the crater, overseen by the Queen of Snow and Jack Frost. The Queen of Snow has enchanted piles of snow with Christmas spirit, these snowballs can be thrown at players to gain "nice" points. Meanwhile, Jack Frost has turned some other piles into explosive snow, which can be thrown at players to gain "naughty points".

To gain points in the event, gather some snowballs from your chosen pile, and throw them at other players. Snowballs can be dodged by moving before they hit you, points are only awarded when a player is successfully hit. If you successfully hit another player with an "enchanted snowball", then one Nice point is earned, and hitting a player with an "exploding snowball" will earn one Naughty point. Players who are hit too many times will be evicted from the arena, and all their snowballs will melt. Players who succeed in evicting a player out of the Snowball Arena will receive three points.

Wizard Banquet

Wizard Banquet

The annual Wizards' Tower banquet.

The annual Wizards' Tower banquet is being hosted in the north-western section of the crater, and it is once again being catered by the goblin cook Kringle, and his troll apprentice, Kris. The items they cooked "incorrectly", such as Turkey drumsticks, Yule logs, Christmas puddings, Roast potatoes, and Mulled wine can be served to the wizards for Nice points, while the food they cooked "correctly", such as Rubber chicken drumsticks, Wood logs, Cannonball surprises, Rocks, and Vinegar can be served for Naughty points.

The player is asked to serve the eight wizards seated at the table from the food provided. Serving the food requested by the wizard gives 1 nice point, which increases every five correct servings until it reaches 5 points. Similarly, serving the corresponding "naughty" foods will earn the player the naughty points.  If you take too long to serve a wizard's order, of if you serve the incorrect food (either nice or naughty), your points multiplier will be reset to 1. For example, if a wizard requests Yule log, serving him/her Yule log earns 1-5 Nice points; serving him/her Wood log earns 1-5 Naughty points, and serving him/her food other than Yule log or Wood log will NOT earn any points (and reset your progress back to 1 point when you next serve a correct food item). The points received are doubled if Wizard Banquet is the currently enhanced event.

Nice food Naughty food
Turkey drumstick (2013 Christmas event)Turkey drumstickRubber chicken drumstickRubber chicken drumstick
Yule log (2013 Christmas event)Yule logWood logWood log
Christmas pudding (2013 Christmas event)Christmas puddingCannonball surpriseCannonball surprise
Roast potatoes (2013 Christmas event)Roast potatoesOvercooked rocksOvercooked rocks
Mulled wine (2013 Christmas event)Mulled wineVinegarVinegar

The most efficient way to serve the food is to grab five to six servings of each kind of food, and circle the table as you serve each wizard's order. Another tip is to not ask for a wizard's order if you are out of food in your inventory; go to the serving stations and restock on five to six servings of each kind of food, then go back to the table and take orders (if you were to ask a wizard's order, and go to the table to get the item you are missing, then return to the wizard, you may exceed the time limit and have your points multiplier reset to 1). This is the fastest point-earning event.

Reindeer Petting Zoo

Snow imp 2012 chathead
Stroking a reindeer

A player stroking a friendly reindeer

The Reindeer Petting Zoo can be found to the south-east of the crater. The Snow Imp is in charge of the zoo, and informs players that San'tar Klaws has cursed some of the reindeer, turning them into "evil" reindeer. Interacting with either type of reindeer will give points, with friendly reindeer giving nice points, and evil reindeer giving naughty points.

Stroking either type of reindeer will reward players with 2 points, and feeding them carrots, which can be obtained from the buckets around the zoo, will reward a player with 3 points. A player can convert the reindeer between friendly and evil by right clicking them, saying either "Ho ho ho" or "Muahaha" depending on the direction of the conversion, and this will also reward 1 point.


Finally, the Christmas tree in the north-west of the crater can be decorated with baubles, rewarding either 10 naughty or 10 nice points for doing so, depending on whether you choose to decorate it badly or not. Baubles can uncommonly be obtained while skilling, from monster drops, and from the Squeal of Fortune.

Freeing Santa

Santa head
Freeing Santa

San'tar Klaws frees Santa from his cage

After you have obtained either 750 Nice points or 750 Naughty points (unlike the tinsel scarf, the festive jumper, and the San'tar Klaws pet, which are unlocked with the sum of Nice and Naughty points, to get Santa out of the cage and earn the Rockin' around the Tree emote, you will need 750 of either Nice or Naughty points), San'tar Claws will either be terrified of your Christmas cheer or impressed by your naughtiness, and as a result, he will free Santa from his cage and disappear. Santa will either thank you for saving Christmas, or chide you for ruining it, but regardless he will reward you with a Large festive lamp if you're a member or a small festive lamp if you are free to play. All players will also get the Rockin' Around the Tree emote.

Other activities

Thok chathead (Christmas)
Thok's bonfire

Players using Thok's Christmas bonfire.

Besides the main event, a number of other activities can be performed around the crater. Thok has created a large bonfire, on which things can be cooked for extra cooking experience. Adding logs to the bonfire also grants boosted experience, with more experience being given if you are wearing a festive outfit (items rewarded from Christmas events). The Christmas presents next to Thok serve as bank chests, making them useful for restocking on food and/or logs.

A number of other recognisable characters can also be found around the crater, most of whom serve no function, but can be chatted to for optional dialogue. These include:

  • The Snow imp (in the form of 'Pet Santa') and his Stray dog 'reindeer', who is running the Reindeer Petting Zoo.
  • Sir Amik Varze, who has once again had too much to drink. Using mulled wine (must be bought from Diango) on him results in some amusing dialogue (Oh! Thank you for [Player name]! I'll jusht more glassh).
  • Thok and Marmaros can be found next to the bonfire, Thok believes San'tar Klaws to be "second Santa", and Marmaros is terrified of him.
  • General Wartface and Bentnoze can be found arguing over the colour of wrapping paper, with Wartface preferring green and Bentnoze preferring red.
  • The Queen of Snow and Jack Frost can be found running the Snowball Arena, with the Queen of Snow extremely worried about Santa, and Jack Frost seemingly unfazed, saying that San'tar is just having a bit of fun.
  • The wizards from the Wizards' Tower, Archmage Sedridor, Wizard Mizgog, Wizard Isidor, Wizard BorannWizard Grayzag/Taloram, Wizard TraibornWizard Valina, and  Wizard Jalarast can be found having the yearly Wizards' Tower feast.
  • Kris and Kringle can be found cooking the aforementioned feast, cooking a variety of "unique" dishes for the wizards.
  • Diango can be found selling various Christmas foods, in addition to performing his regular roles of selling toys and returning holiday items.

The Grand Exchange was also festively decorated as part of the event, and Snow implings can once again be found around Gielinor and caught for "stocking fillers" and a small amount of Hunter experience.


On freeing Santa

These rewards are unlocked when you gain 750 Naughty or Nice points (unlike the tinsel scarf, the festive jumper, and the San'tar Klaws pet, which are unlocked with the sum of Nice and Naughty points, you will need 750 of either Nice or Naughty points) and drive away the demon.

  • The Rockin' Around the Tree emote (as well as previous Christmas emotes if you haven't unlocked those yet.)
  • Small festive lamp (If not a member) (at 750 points when you drive away the demon if you are nice, or impress the demon with your chaos if you are naughty)
  • Large festive lamp (Members only) (at 750 points when you drive away the demon if you are nice, or impress the demon with your chaos if you are naughty)


Claiming presents

These rewards are unlocked, not bought, at certain levels of "total points" i.e. naughty + nice. So a total of 2,000 points will allow all rewards to be unlocked. They can be accessed and unlocked by clicking on the presents under the Christmas tree in the crater.


Santa's Naughty List

The naughty list

In the northeast corner of the crater, there are two easels, each containing a list. The top 5 players for each type of point (Naughty or Nice) are ranked on the respective list - Naughty and Nice. The points are recorded for the current login session; players who log in start with 0 points, and players who log out are removed from the list.




  • A book titled "A Visit from San'tar Klaws" can be found underneath the main Christmas tree, with the examine text "'Twas the night before Christmas...".
  • If you participated in the 2008 Christmas event, the snow imp will use the name of your imp from that event.
  • The examine text of Santa's cage after he is freed reads "Nicklaus's cage.", a reference to the actor Nicolas Cage.
  • The bank box examine text "Just hope you don't get charge North Pole Tax!" is a pun on poll tax.
  • The snowglobe over the crater seems to be a scaled up version of the snowglobe reward from the 2007 Christmas event.
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