2017 Valentine's Day event
2017 Valentine's Day event
Release date 9 February 2017 (Update)
End date 1 March 2017 (Update unknown) edit
Reward See below
Head developer Krista Goalby
Preceded by Valentine's petal (2016)
Succeeded by N/A

Valentine's Event 2017 is a holiday event held in the Lumbridge Crater, released on 9 February 2017. Within this event, the player aids Wizard Deedit, who, in an experiment begun on 6 February 2017, constructed a "unity machine" intended to build up amorous energy in order to "bring about love and harmony" within Gielinor. On the release date, the machine released its accumulated energy; however, it proved to be far more powerful than Wizard Deedit anticipated, and the energy attracted many crashed devotion rocks to the surface of Gielinor, coming to rest at the Lumbridge Crater.

The event premiered on 00:00 UTC 9 February 2017 with an in-game announcement stating that Game announcementWizard Deedit's experiment has gone haywire in Lumbridge Crater. Go talk to him to find out how you can help.

Part I

In order to aid Wizard Deedit and participate in the event, the player is tasked with earning reputation by completing any of the following tasks at the Lumbridge Crater:

  1. Breaking down crashed devotion rocks for either Mining or Smithing experience.
  2. Fixing Wizard Deedit's broken unity machine for either Magic or Invention experience.
  3. Pacifying Devotion Sprites for either Hunter or Herblore experience.

Participating in the event by way of any one of these tasks earns the player reputation in the event, up to a maximum of 100 reputation per day, and grant the player up to 500 Devotion dust. Devotion dust can also be taken from the crate of devotion dust by Wizard Deedit.

Any player may surpass the 100 reputation-points-per-day limit by using devotion counteragents, which may be won from Treasure Hunter throughout the duration of the Valentine's 2017 Treasure Hunter event (with which this holiday event was paired upon release).


As a reward for participating in the event, a player may exchange their accumulated reputation points with Wizard Deedit for any of the following rewards:

Reward Reputation points required
Staff of devotion 150
Loved up loot beam 150
Heart balloon 200
Bunch of flowers 250
Loved Up Resting 300
Loved Up Walk 350
Medium prismatic star [rewards 1] 250
Total 1400
  1. ^ This reward may only be purchased if the player has already purchased all other available rewards from this event. Additionally, it cannot be obtained by ironman accounts.

Because the event only lasted six days, it was not possible to get all of the rewards without obtaining the devotion counteragents from Treasure Hunter.

Part II - Sprites be gone

The second portion of the event premiered immediately following Part I on 00:00 UTC 15 February 2017 with an in-game announcement stating that Game announcementThe devotion sprites have become trapped on Gielinor, help Wizard Deedit get them back home! See the Events tab under Community for more info. This portion of the event will be available until 23:59 UTC 1 March 2017.

Each time that the player logged in during the event, they would be greeted with one of the following announcements:

  • Devotion sprites have invaded the Lumbridge Crater - Wizard Deedit needs your help to send them back home. Head there now!
  • Wizard Deedit needs your help with the Devotion Sprites! Head over to Lumbridge Crater now to help him out.

Functionality of Part I of the event became unavailable as Part II started (with reputation no longer being obtainable), although Part I rewards could still be obtained afterwards with sufficient reputation. Instead, rewards from the previous years' Valentine's Day events were available from the reward boxes during Part II.

In order to aid Wizard Deedit and participate in the event, the player is tasked with gathering fabric scraps.

For training skills that aren't Crafting or Hunter, on average 24.5 scraps are obtained at a time, resulting in an hourly average of 490 scraps, so on average a bit over two hours are required for the normal daily limit. Up to 1,000 scraps can be earned per day, which can be doubled using a 1-day or 5-day limit extender.

Combining or replacing the above method with Crafting, Hunter, Treasure Trails or daily challenges may reduce the time required by up to 20%, from 3 minutes to 2 minutes and 24 seconds, saving up to 36 seconds every round.

The fabric scraps are rewarded at most every three minutes and are guaranteed from a skilling action. Thus, it is sufficient to gain a single drop of experience every three minutes to get the full benefits from gathering, Furthermore an increased number of scraps will be given if said drop is in Crafting or Hunter.


Scraps can be given to Wizard Deedit to unlock the following rewards:

Upon unlocking a new reward from Wizard Deedit, the following message appears in the chatbox, where x is replaced by the number of rewards unlocked so far:

You have unlocked x/6 of the rewards for the 'Sprites be gone' event.

Alternatively, fabric scraps can be directly converted into event mystery boxes (at a rate of 250 fabric scraps each) or big event mystery boxes (at a rate of 500 fabric scraps each), which contain a variety of experience-granting Treasure Hunter items and promotional items from previous Valentine's Day promotions.

Hunting sprites

While wearing the Devotion Sprite Costume earned from the event, shoo away 8 Devotion Sprites from the following list that are scattered across the land, granting a small XP lamp each.

Sprite location Image
In the Lumbridge Crater (x3) Devotion Sprite (Lumbridge Crater) location
In Lumbridge Swamp west of the Fremennik warrior Devotion Sprite (Lumbridge Swamp) location
West of the Al Kharid mining site Devotion Sprite (Al Kharid Mine) location
South east of the Barbarian Village Devotion Sprite (Barbarian Village) location
On the Wizards' Tower island, west of the bridge Devotion Sprite (Wizards' Tower) location
North east of spirit tree farming patch in Port Sarim Devotion Sprite (Port Sarim) location
Rimmington mining site Devotion Sprite (Rimmington) location
South of Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park Devotion Sprite (North Falador) location
East of Taverley lodestone Devotion Sprite (Taverley) location
East outside the Falador south gate Devotion Sprite (South Falador) location
On the bridge east of Draynor Manor Devotion Sprite (Draynor Manor) location
West of the farm next to Mill Lane Mill in Lumbridge Devotion Sprite (Draynor Village) location
Lumbridge cow field Devotion Sprite (Lumbridge Cow Field) location
Western Grand Exchange Devotion Sprite (Grand Exchange) location


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