The 2018 April Fools' event consisted of in-game joke items, the ring of random and the ring of rares, and a spoof video. Mod Lee also hosted a cow mass that would reportedly drop a rare cow staff.[1]

Partyhat drops

2018 April Fools

Assorted partyhats at Lumbridge.

During the event, white, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple partyhats spawned at the following locations around Gielinor:

Attempting to pick one up would result in the player obtaining a ring of rares instead. There is also a chance of obtaining a ring of random whenever a ring of rares is used.

A ring of rares had the ability to turn the player into a handful old holiday rares, while the ring of random turned the player into old random event NPCs.

Cow staff

A rare cow staff item was reportedly a possible drop from cows during the event. At 13:59 UTC, the following in-game message was shown:

Jagex moderator crownJoin Mod Lee right now for a cow mass at now, join in for a chance at the elusive Cow staff! Meet at the Lumbridge lodestone on w37. FC: Mod Lee

Mod Lee stated the item had a very low drop rate, which would change to a drop rate of roughly 1/200 during the livestream on 1 April 2018.[2] He later stated during the stream that the item, along with the yak staff, is non-existent.

Yak staff

A rare yak staff item was reportedly a possible drop from yaks during the event. It was said to be more rare than the cow staff. [3] Like the cow staff, Mod Lee reported that it was fake.