Eastertime Fete
Release date 15 April 2019 (Update)
Reward Unknown edit
Head developer Unknown edit
Preceded by The Cotton Tales (2017)
Succeeded by N/A

The 2019 Easter event, officially named Eastertime Fete, featured players assisting the Easter Bunny in Guilded Eggstravaganza, a temporary quest, and Avoiding Dental Catastrophe, a themed time-limited event.

As with previous Easter events, Guthixian butterflies could be seen and caught all over Gielinor. For the first time, there were three types of Guthixian butterflies. The green and white butterflies provide direct XP and the yellow butterflies provide bonus XP in the player's lowest skill. The white butterflies provide 5x the amount of direct XP as green butterflies. The green and yellow butterflies have a catch limit of 10 per day, while the white butterflies have a catch limit of 1 per day.

Guilded Eggstravaganza

Guilded Eggstravaganza was a temporary quest that featured the Easter Bunny tasking players with helping some guilds in a small competition at the Eastertime Fete.

Avoiding Dental Catastrophe

In the Avoiding Dental Catastrophe time-limited event, players were tasked with recovering crystallised chocolate fragments from across Gielinor.

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