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This is the quick guide for A Clockwork Syringe.
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Start pointQuest map icon Enter the portal to your player-owned house
Member requirementP2P icon Members only
Official difficultyMaster Master
Official lengthLong
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.

None Recommended:

Enemies to defeat

Defeat: Barrelchest Mk II (level 120)

Kill/evade: Aggressive monsters ranging from level 65-91 in the Braindeath Island 'Rum'geon.

Starting out

Postie Pete chathead
Big box in POH

A big box. Wonder what's inside?

Barrelchest Mk II
  • Go to your player-owned house portal, and attempt to enter your house.
  • Attempt to enter again and choose the "A Clockwork Syringe" option from your portal
  • Attempt to enter your house again and select the "A Clockwork Syringe" option once more.
  • Inspect the package.
  • Kill the level 120 Barrelchest Mk II.

For more information on how to defeat Barrelchest Mk II click here.

Dealing with the delivery

Zombie stress level
  • Talk to the estate agent.
  • Speak to the zombie head.
  • Torture the head using all five options when they are available
  • When the zombie head reaches its maximum stress level talk to it.
  • Take the head to Bill Teach.

Warning Bill Teach

Required items: Zombie head

Joes Pub Chair

The chair in Joe's Pub that you have to ask for a Long Drop at.

  • Talk to Bill and explain what happened.
  • Place the zombie head on the table and talk to him again.

Recommended items: Combat gear, food, prayer potions, antipoison, emergency teleport

  • Exit the basement and use the teleport scroll's option to travel to Braindeath Island.

Finding the workers

  • Head west then north past 50% Luke towards the volcano until you reach the entrance to a resource dungeon.
  • Enter with your diving apparatus and fishbowl helmet equipped.
  • Go down all three paths and investigate the worker's bodies to discover their names. Do this for each of the three paths.
  • Tell Captain Braindeath with the news.
  • Take the oath and receive the twiblick night special.
  • Teleport back to Mos Le'Harmless with the teleport scroll and head back to the basement in Joe's pub.
  • You give the Zombie head a makeover. You can select any of the makeover options.

Getting into Bloodsplatter Isle

Zombie head makeover (A Clockwork Syringe)

Zombie Head's makeover.

  • Return south to Bill's ship, talk to him, and use the "A Clockwork Syringe" option to begin your travel.
  • Speak to Bill.
  • Go down the ladders to the hull of the ship. Open and search both the repair locker and gun locker, then take a barrel and 3 lots of gunpowder.
  • Use the gunpowder on the chain. Smith the chain and cannonball on the anvil. Then use your chain-with-cannonball on the barrel.
  • Go back up the ladder to the main deck. On the eastern cannon click 'Take-The-Ride Cannon' option to go to Bloodsplatter Isle.

Investigating Bloodsplatter Isle

  • Investigate the Perch Rock.
  • You must steer him around while dropping cannonballs on the barrelchest-MKs
Baron control UI

The Baron's controls.

  • Leave the Isle and swim to Bill Teach on his ship, and update him on the fate of the barrelchests on the Isle.
  • Ask Bill to take you back to Bloodsplatter Isle. Approach the yellow dots to the north of the factory.
  • Escape your cell and collect a surgical mask, roll of bandage, bundle of parts (barrelchest part), and a barrel from the supply area just to the north.
  • Return to Bill by using the signalling point at the end of the dock where you arrived.
  • Get a disguise off Bill and have him send you back to the island. Enter the compound and change into the barrelchest disguise.

Collecting Evidence

Letter One: This is in the south-west room,subdue the Dis-orderly by sabotaging the gas canister to the south of the room. Once the laughing gas fills the room, 'tell-joke' to each of them and then brutalise each of them. Investigate the notice board.
Letter Two: Kill each of Grimterns in the western-most room. Investigate the notice board after killing them.
Letter Three: Talk to one of the Drunk zombies lying on the beds in the north-west room, then investigate the notice board.
Letter Four: Loosen each of the three undead arms found in the north-eastern room. Investigate the notice board.
Letter Five: Return to the supply area north of the jail room and collect 3 barrels and 3 gun lots of powder in human form. Use the gunpowder on each of the three barrels, then wear the disguise again and head to the south-eastern room. Use the gun powder filled barrels and sabotage them. Destroy any one of the barrelchests. (Warning: Do not detonate unless you have more than 277 life points as the explosion may kill you otherwise.) Now investigate the notice board.
  • Return back to Bill by signalling him from the dock.

Destroying the Factory Construction Line

A Clockwork Syringe - Conveyor belt destruction

A player destroying the factory's conveyor belts.

  • Talk to Bill Teach onboard his ship.
  • Return to Bloodsplatter Isle and head to the eastern-most room.
  • Pull the lever to activate the three conveyor belts, and use the Bundle o' kegs on them until each of the conveyor belts explode.

Battle at Sea

  • Climb over the destroyed wall between the conveyor lines, and head east through the door opening to the docks. Descend the ladder.
  • Board the unoccupied zomboat and sink all the boats.
  • Go back to Joe's Pub basement to finish the quest.
  • Quest Complete!
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