This article is about the item used in Meeting History. For other uses, see Brooch.
A brooch detail

A Brooch is an item used during the Meeting History quest. The brooch is a family heirloom of Laura's, and can be found on a "Bedside table" in an eastern room in Laura's house in Past A. In Past B, Laura requests that the player finds the brooch.

Upon finding it, the player should hide it the Soil mound. You bury the brooch under the soil, but wonder how long it will stay there. This is because the brooch cannot be transported during time travel using the Enchanted key.

Once in Past B, the player may then "find" it again by digging the mound. To do this, a spade (found within the shed) will be required. The brooch should be returned to Laura to complete the final task in the quest.


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