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A scrap of paper is a quest item found in the Rellekka Hunter Area Dungeon during and after the Glorious Memories quest. It appears as though it was written by Nial Swiftfling, a Fremennik who was turned into a vicious and feral Yeti when he was spat at by a Gnoeal, a strange creature that inhabits the dungeon. Nial was beginning to succumb to the curse when he wrote the message on the scrap of paper, and this is shown by his increasing spelling errors and grammatical mistakes throughout the short passage. Nial is fought as a boss in the Glorious Memories quest.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:A scrap of paper.

Save yourself!

I leave this warning in the
hope that others may avoid
an end like mine, for I'm due
a fate worse than death.
The yetis in this cave are
corrupted human
adventurers, cursed by a magical feind fiend! Have
pity on us them, but expect
no quarter, for they are
trooly out of their minds.

It willl not belong noww. Gud
luk yool neeed it...


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