Abbinah[1][2] is the homeworld of the aviantese, including Armadyl, and the place where the various species of aviansie evolved. It is near to the planet Kethsi[3], which was destroyed by the Dragonkin for its inhabitants' use of the Stone of Jas.[4] It is a harsh place with little water and a shattered outer core consisting of floating islands that crash into each other, as well as a chaotic open core that has large chunks ripped out of it and is the only place where water can be found.[5] The core of the planet Abbinah should almost be the ocean. Around this core, there are lots of islands hurtling about at high speed, these floating islands have an area that is little more dry and desert like. Just one or two of these islands would be stable ones in high orbit with the biggest island only being about the size of a city. From outer space, the view of Abbinah is generally obscured by hurricanes due to it being beset by constant raging storms that rage across the surface. Abbinah probably has a moon or two as well, though this has not yet been decided. [6]

The aviantese there were once disparate tribes, constantly warring with each other, but Armadyl united them.[7]

Abbinah will feature heavily in an upcoming quest currently in the early design stages, entitled 'Rite of Passage'. It is confirmed that there are currently still a number of aviantese left upon this world, and Armadyl is aware of them.


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  • Abbinah was first hinted at in the Chaos Elemental Note 9, first mentioned in the 11th episode of Above the Lore. The correct spelling was later confirmed on twitter by Mod Raven[2], the designer of the quest.
  • The origin of the name, Abbinah, came from Mod Raven researching Armadyl's origin. When he discovered that some players theorised that Armadyl's name might have come from the Seal of Solomon, Mod Raven began searching for words in the Kabbalah tradition. He found two words and merged them together into Abbinah, these were: Bina (meaning: celestial light, according to Mod Raven, as well as 'understanding' or 'contemplation' and called 'processed wisdom' on a psychological level) and Abidan (the idea of a wonderful, interesting world, which is actually quite a harsh world).
  • The reason that the Clan citadels used to be Aviansie fortresses is, partly convenience and partly the memory and familiarity they had with the Aviansie homeworld of Abbinah.


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