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Aberrant spectre banner detail

The Aberrant Spectre Champion is one of the 16 champions fought as part of the Champions' Challenge distraction and diversion. Like the other champions, he may be fought beneath the Champions' Guild, but only after a player finds an Aberrant spectre champion scroll, which is a very rare drop from Aberrant spectres. After being defeated the first time, he may be fought again weekly for additional slayer and constitution experience.

Like the other champions, there is a special restriction during the fight with him; in his case, only two-handed weapons such as a spear, bow, two-handed sword, or staff are allowed. As he is an Aberrant spectre, bringing a nose peg or slayer helm is highly recommended, otherwise his stench will damage you greatly and reduce your combat stats and agility.

Banner carrier (aberrant spectre)

The Aberrant Spectre Champion is one of the more difficult champions, although is still relatively easy. His attacks are relatively powerful, but as he only attacks with magic, all of his attacks can be cut in half by the Protect from Magic prayer. He is weak to arrows, so using ranged may be helpful. Wearing a salve amulet or salve amulet (e) may also be useful.

Killing the Aberrant Spectre Champion will not count toward a slayer assignment for Aberrant Spectres.


Aberrant Spectre Champion reward

  • 3,232 Slayer experience
  • 3,232 Constitution experience
  • A new banner hung under the Champions' Guild to celebrate victory
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