Stealing Creation game arena

An accessible part of the abyss

The Abyss, also known as the World between Worlds or the Infernal Vestibule, is a plane that sits between and around realms and holds them together. It consists of the leftover pieces of the universe from creation and previous revisions. Surrounded by it is a thin membrane, encompassed by the Void.

It is unknown what the area realm truly looks like, however some have gained access to a small area via the mystics on Gielinor, and inside a banished cthonian via a mage.

Use in Teleportation

Most teleport spells travel through the Abyss. When these spells are used, the user is momentarily teleported into the Abyss then, they are sent to their new location, all of this in a split second. This allows teleportation by boring a hole into an abyss, and then looping out of it to arrive in an alternate place. In some cases, Aetheric thread may exist within that bored hole, which keeps the passage open for a return trip. Straddling also allows travel through the Abyss, although with some additional effects.

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