Abyssal charm detail

The abyssal charm is a tertiary item used in Summoning. Although it is not a primary ingredient in Summoning pouches like other charms, the triple charm drop bonus from Familiarisation will increase the drop rate of abyssal charms. Using a Charming imp you will get 6.5 Summoning xp per charm.

When making pouches, it is always used with 1 green charm. It is used to create pouches for the following familiars:

Summoning-icon Familiar Summoning-icon Level Spirit shards Shards Pure essence BoBCreate XP
Abyssal parasite pouch Abyssal parasite 54 106 794.8
Abyssal lurker pouch Abyssal lurker 62 119 12109.6
Abyssal titan pouch Abyssal titan 93 113 20163.2

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Abyssal guardian791Common
Abyssal leech721Common
Abyssal walker772Uncommon


  • To enter the Abyss, players must ask the Mage of Zamorak to teleport them there. The mage is located just north of Edgeville wandering around level 4-6 Wilderness. The leeches, guardians, and walkers are all aggressive, and the southern areas of the Abyss have many of the higher-level monsters. Once in the Abyss it is advised to go to the northwest, where many lower-levelled leeches are located.
  • The Abyssal Area can be accessed through the fairy ring network by dialing ALR, is safer than the Abyss, since a player does not need to enter the Wilderness, but at least partial completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen quest is required to use the fairy rings (the skill requirements for the quest do not have to be met).


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