Abyssal parasite chathead

Abyssal parasites are Beast of burden Summoning familiars and have 7 slots for unnoted rune essence and Pure essence. As they are also Abyssal creatures, they are one of only three familiars able to hold essence, the others being the abyssal lurker and abyssal titan.

It prevents the 'full-prayer' drain usually caused when entering the Abyss, but players will still lose 10 prayer points per ~5–10 seconds when in the abyss.

The Abyssal Parasite looks similar to an Abyssal leech, but hovers slightly above the ground.

Abyssal parasite pouch


An Abyssal parasite pouch is used in the Summoning skill to summon a Abyssal parasite familiar. Using this pouch on a Summoning obelisk will enable you to create 10 Abyssal Drain.

Abyssal drain scroll


Abyssal drain scroll is the method of initiating the special of the abyssal parasite, which lowers an opponent's prayer with a magic attack. It is made by using an Abyssal parasite pouch on a Summoning obelisk.

Abyssal Drain

Abyssal Drain is an effect generated via the Abyssal drain scroll. In order to create this effect, you must first have summoned an Abyssal parasite.

The Abyssal Drain effect is a Magic-based attack that drains the target's Magic level and Prayer points, which also restores the player's Prayer points up to 50.

Abyssal Drain is part of the Summoning skill and as such grants 1.1 Summoning xp when the scroll is created and another 1.1 Summoning xp when the scroll is activated.


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