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The green abyssal whip is a powerful one-handed melee weapon which requires 70 Attack to wield. The whip is among the most powerful non-degradable melee weapons outside of Daemonheim and is capable of attacking at the same speed of daggers and scimitars at 2.4 seconds per hit. It may be obtained as a drop from abyssal demons, which require 85 Slayer to harm, or by trading with another player, either directly or through the Grand Exchange.

With the Barbarian Assault improvements update on 19 January 2010, players were given the option of purchasing abyssal whip paint in any of four different colours for a price of 50 honour points each. The whips may be coloured blue, white, green, or yellow, and colouring a whip renders it untradeable and non-lendable. However, the paint may be removed using a cleaning cloth, returning the whip back to normal. On 29 March 2010, the rewards interface was updated so that players could recolour whips indefinitely once the specific colour had been purchased. Prior to this, each time a whip was coloured, 50 honour points were required. Additionally, abyssal vine whips may be coloured just as regular abyssal whips are.

Combat Stats
RequirementsAbyssal whip (green) equipped.png
70 Attack
Attack.png MeleeMain hand slot.png
Fastest (2.4s)
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


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Special attack

The abyssal whip's special attack is Energy Drain, which requires 50% adrenaline. This deals 100% weapon damage and steals all of the opponent's run energy.


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