An Abyssalbane bar is made by smelting Abyssalbane ore, requiring 77 Smithing and giving 50 experience. With 80 Smithing, it can be smithed on the Kethsian anvil with a hammer, giving 50 Abyssalbane arrowtips. With 82 Smithing, the same can be done, but giving 50 Abyssalbane bolts (unf).

When the "Make-X" interface appears, it used to claim that you can only make 10 bolts or 15 arrowheads per bar, when 50 bolts or arrowheads per bar could be made. This has now been fixed to display that 50 of each can be produced.

Note: You can use the Assist System to make the bars, arrowtips and the bolts.

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