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Acadia logs detail.png

Acadia logs are logs that can be cut from acadia trees in the Imperial district in Menaphos with level 47 Woodcutting, granting 92 Woodcutting experience per log as well as 4.5 reputation in whichever faction is currently active in Menaphos.

They can be burned at level 47 Firemaking, granting 140 Firemaking experience. Adding them to a bonfire at level 99 Firemaking grants 180 Firemaking experience. At level 45 Fletching acadia logs can be cut, but only into arrow shafts, granting 12.5 experience. Cutting and selling one full inventory of acadia logs would make 12,600 coins on the Grand Exchange.

Burning the logs while wielding an augmented crystal tinderbox or pyro-matic grants 9 item experience per log, totalling 252 item experience per inventory.

Occasionally, players may find a menaphite honey bee or a fruit fly in amber while burning these logs.


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