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The Accept Aid setting under the Gameplay tab from the Settings interface.

Accept Aid is an option within the Settings interface under the Gameplay tab that enables consent to various interactions from other players. Accept Aid is divided into seven categories and can each be toggled independently from each other. Players have the option to enable or disable certain actions completely or only allow friends and clan members to perform them.

Magic Settings

Spells from the Magic skill take up the largest portion of actions that are affected by Accept Aid.


Teleother and Tele group are a type of spell that allows players to receive prompts to be teleported to a certain location with the option to accept or deny the proposal. Enabling this setting allows players to receive these prompts. It is not recommended to have this setting enabled at all times and instead only be allowed to Friends & Clan or just remain disabled altogether. Some players may pester others with this spell by causing the prompt to pop up which can become bothersome when performing certain skilling or combat tasks that require the player's attention.

Affected spells

Lunar Spells

The Lunar spellbook is a heavily support-based spellbook and, as such, has many spells that go through the Accept Aid settings. Spells from this spellbook allow players to have their life points recovered, be cured of poison, have their stats restored or boosted, and several other generally beneficial effects.

Affected Spells

Seren spells

Seren spells, like Lunar spells, are mostly supportive in nature and players can stand to benefit from their various effects. Benefits typically include forms of damage reduction and life point recovery.

Affected spells

Additional Settings

The remaining settings are not spell-based and can also be toggled to the player's liking. They mostly concern sharing items and boosts and sending invitations.

Assistance requests

The Assistance Requests setting controls the option to send and receive requests regarding the Assist System, allowing players to borrow the levels of fellow players to perform otherwise impossible feats at the cost of the assisting player receiving all the experience for the action performed.


The Invitations setting allows players to receive invitations to Barbarian Assault teams, Social Slayer teams, and private hunting grounds for the Big Chinchompa D&D. It also allows players to link their Dominion medallions in order to let players spectate each others battles. Additionally, this setting allows players to receive items from teammates during Stealing Creation and receive Treasure chest keys.

Beneficial boosts

The Beneficial boosts setting allows players to benefit from clan battlefield healing potions, butterfly effects, and various cooperative benefits from Social Slayer, including food, potion, and portent sharing.


This setting deals with mostly harmless player interactions such as receiving a Lily of the valley, popping open a Glowing cracker, or joining a Capoeira dance.


  • The cross on the accept aid icon in the options menu used to be red. However, this was changed to green on 9 June 2010 in order to avoid potential copyright issues.
  • During the 2009 April Fools' event, if a player had accept aid on, another player wielding a cabbage would be able to throw it to that player. If the player had accept aid off, the other player would receive a message stating they had accept aid turned off. The weapon and shield slots of the target player had to be empty.
  • Despite popular belief, the gnomeball does not work in the same way.

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