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An Account is the means by which a player is identified in RuneScape. It holds all the information on the player's in-game activities, including their skills and achievements, all the items they possess, and the quests they have done. It also makes the player accountable for anything they have said via the game's chat interface, specifically including any breaches of the Rules of RuneScape.

A player's account is similar to, but separate from, his or her character. The character is represented by an avatar that exists in-game. The avatar is customizable to allow the player to feel individual. Jagex has stated that accounts and characters are generally kept separate[source needed], meaning that black marks received on an account (such as in the RuneScape Forums) do not reflect on a player's character (with the exception of a ban or mute).

Players may receive messages from Jagex via their Message Centre when they log into the game. This is the only means by which Jagex contacts players individually, as they never use email. Players also need to log into their account to use certain functions on the RuneScape website, including posting on the RuneScape Forums, (for those that have not attained 350 overall total level) vote in official polls, and accessing the player moderator centre (if the player has player moderator status).

As of 24 January 2010, players are required at sign-up to give Jagex their email address. However, they will not contact anyone through email as previously stated. You can check on or off if you want to receive newsletters and such via email.


A player must create an account in order to play the game, requiring a username and a password. The account starts out as free-to-play by default, but the player can choose to pay a monthly fee to gain extra pay-to-play content and functionality or stay a free-to-play.

A player can create more than one account, and can interchange between playing them with no limits. It used to be forbidden to log into more than one of their accounts at the same time, but this was changed in May 2014 , explicitly allowing trade and other interaction between alternate accounts "as long as it doesn't involve rule breaking or gameplay exploitation."[1] One may not allow anyone else to use any of their accounts at any time.[2] Jagex also prohibits the sale of accounts. Jagex keeps a strict surveillance on players attempting to sell accounts, and an offender is liable to incur severe penalties, such as being banned, if they should attempt to either buy or sell an account.

The first part of account creation is done on the RuneScape website:

  1. To start, wait for the game to load, and press the following underneath the login section
    Step 1 Account creation.png
  2. After that, select your gender (don't worry, it can be changed at a later time):
    Step 2 Account creation.png
  3. And then choose your hair colour; your facial hair would also be the same as said colour.
    Step 3 Account creation.png
  4. After choosing your hair, you will see what outfits you can choose from. Once again it may be changed at a later date.
    Step 4 Account creation.png
  5. And then your legs, and the colour of it:
    Step 5 Account creation.png
  6. Now you can choose what boots you want:
    Step 6 Account creation.png
  7. Now click done and enter your information:
    Step 7 Account creation.png
  8. And finally, you can choose your facial hair. The colour you chose for your hair will also apply for your facial hair:
  9. Now you can click "Play Now" and you are done. Now you can choose to do the Ashdale quest (as a tutorial), do them later or just don't do them, and you are ready to play RuneScape.


General tips for keeping your account and self secure:

General safety

  • Do not share sensitive personal information (such as full name or phone number) online
  • Avoid real life meet-ups, and take a trusted friend or family member if meeting someone met online
  • Avoid common scams and always be wary of giving away or dropping valuable items, or entering the wilderness.
  • Report players who break the rules or encourage you to.

Account security

  • Create a password that is easy to remember but difficult to guess. Do not share it with anyone. Keep a copy of your password written down in a place only you would know to look. Keep your password unique to your RuneScape accounts.
  • Choose a password that is not too simple and is composed of a combination of both letters and numbers.
  • Set recovery questions for account recovery if your password is lost
  • Enable the RuneScape Authenticator
  • Register your email to your account. Use a different password for this email account.
  • Avoid phishing sites that may offer RuneScape cheats, moderator status, etc. If there are any test servers available, they will be accessible by navigating through the main page.
  • Do not share your account with anyone.
  • Log off of your RuneScape account when you are finished. If using a shared computer, make sure any autofill password details can only be accessed by you. The best approach is having a personal account for yourself, separate from everyone else, with a secure password.
  • Use a bank PIN for extra security of items if your account is compromised.

Account types

Main account

The term main account (also referred to as a main or primary account) usually refers to a player's highest levelled account or their most frequently used account. This term, however, is mostly used by players who have lower levelled or less frequently used accounts.

Alternate account

An alt account or alt (short for alternate) is any account that is distinct from the main account. Various reasons for having an alternate account beside include:

Accounts owned by the same person are allowed to interact with each other so long as they are not manipulating any game mechanics. For example, trading money from one account to another is acceptable, but logging into another account and killing it to upgrade a Duellist's cap is not.


A Throwaway account is an alternate account that has been created to carry out a certain task with the owner having no intention of developing the account. They are sometimes used to accomplish something controversial or malicious, such as griefing or disrupting the community. They can also be used to experience or re-experience low level content and quests.



  • The number of RuneScape accounts created reached 200 million on 19 July 2012.
  • In the character selection, (the first screen after logging in) the character wields weapons/items that are not available in the rest of the game.
  • Before the character is named, it is called "#PlayerXXXX", where XXXXs are random numbers.


  1. ^ Jagex. "Multiple logging-in." RuneScape Customer Support. "You are free to create as many accounts as you like and you are welcome to trade between your accounts just as you would with any other legitimate player."
  2. ^ Jagex. "Buying, selling or sharing an account." RuneScape Customer Support. "Each account should only be used by ONE person. Account sharing is NOT allowed. You may not sell, transfer or lend your account to anyone else, or permit anyone else to use your account, and you may not accept an account that anybody else offers you."