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Account creation is very simple. You have to follow a few steps. These are listed here.

Site: Username and personal details

The first part of account creation is done on the site.

  1. To start, please select "New Users" in the "Play Now" tab on the page:
    Step 1 Account creation
  2. After that, please fill in the information.:
    Step 2 Account creation
  3. Now, after logging in, you will see a screen asking to choose your character. This will not improve a particular skill, nor will it give additional items. It only changes what outfit you begin wearing. You could also choose a skin colour in the top-right corner.
    Adventurer class
  4. After choosing what character you like, you will see what outfits you can choose from. This is a gallery with all class outfits. Click on the images to enlarge.
  5. If you forgot to choose a skin colour in step 5, you could do it here, in the first tab. As we already treated that, we will move on to the next step. In this step you could choose your hairstyle, and hair colour:
    Step 6 Account creation
  6. After that, you could choose your torso, and the colour of it:
    Step 7 Account creation
  7. And then your legs, and the colour of it:
    Step 8 Account creation
  8. Now you can choose what boots you want:
    Step 9 Account creation
  9. And finally, you can choose your facial hair. The colour you chose for your hair will also apply for your facial hair:
    Step 10 Account creation
  10. Now you can click "Confirm" and you are done! Now you can choose to do the Introductory Tasks (as a tutorial), do them later or just don't do them, and you are ready to play RuneScape!


  • In the character selection, (the first screen after logging in) the character wields weapons/items that are not available in the rest of the game.
  • Before you name your character, it is named #PlayerXXXX, where XXXXs are random numbers. This can only be seen by other players near Explorer Jack's House.
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