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An accursed urn can be created at 26 Crafting and is used with the Prayer skill to help with gaining experience. The urn fills with experience the player would have earned if the ashes had been scattered instead of collected. The urn is filled when the player would have earned 312.5 Prayer xp with the urn in inventory. Once the accursed urn is full, it can be teleported to Ernie for 375 Prayer experience.

If you die with your Accursed urn, you will lose the urn and its entire contents as it will not appear at your gravestone. An accursed urn requires two batches of soft clay and an air rune, granting a total of 64.5 Crafting experience and 1 Prayer experience.

When it is 25% full, the player will get an orange message saying "Your accursed urn is a quarter full." When you check how full your urn is and it's at 50%, the player will get a message in the chat box saying "This Accursed urn is half full, or is it half empty?"


  • These urns will gather ashes while safe spotting as well.
  • It is possible for a player to own up to ten full Accursed Urns at a time, a new urn will not be started until the player has teleported at least one of the full urns.
Loading the urn
Ashes XP per
per ashes
# of ashes
to fill
Impious ashes.png Impious ashes 4 1.28% 79
Accursed ashes.png Accursed ashes 12.5 4% 25


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The monsters the accursed urn will gather ashes from include: