Adrenaline bar (ultimate)

A full adrenaline bar.

Adrenaline is a combat mechanism used with abilities. It is displayed as a percentage on the action bar, next to a player's life points.

Adrenaline is used to determine what abilities a player may use. A player generates adrenaline through auto-attacks and Basic abilities. Threshold abilities require 50% adrenaline and drain 15% when used, and Ultimate abilities require the whole bar and drain it completely. When a player is out of combat for 10 seconds, their adrenaline bar rapidly drains back to zero.

A player may influence their adrenaline by using various potions, prayers and equipment, and they may preserve their adrenaline by the act of adrenaline stalling, which is described in a section below.

Logging out or hopping worlds will reset the player's adrenaline, regardless of how long they are logged out for.

Gaining and using adrenaline

These are all the actions that influence a player's adrenaline.

  • Auto-attack with main-hand: +2%
  • Auto-attack with off-hand: +1%
  • Auto-attack with two-hand: +3%
    • Auto-attacks need to deal damage to grant adrenaline, while abilities do not.
    • Magic two-handed auto-attacks will always give +2% adrenaline, Ranged two-handed auto-attacks will always alternate between +2% and +3%, and Melee two-handed auto-attacks will always give +3% adrenaline.
  • Basic ability: +8%
    • Basic ability with the Reduced Adrenaline handicap in the Dominion Tower: +6%
  • Threshold ability: -15%
  • Ultimate ability: -100%
  • Out of combat: -5% per tick
  • Consuming food: -10% (only when fighting a target)
  • Regenerate: -10% per tick
  • Super Guthix rest: +15%
  • Adrenaline potion: +25%
  • Sap Spirit: -%? to target
  • Leech Adrenaline: +%?
  • Enchanted ascendri bolts special: +1% per hit


  • Ring of vigour: Saves 10% adrenaline after using an ultimate ability and allows special attacks to be executed with only 90% of the required adrenaline.
  • Asylum surgeon's ring: Gives 10% chance to prevent adrenaline loss when using threshold abilities and a 40% chance of saving a quarter of a special attack's original adrenaline cost.
  • Invigorate auras: Saves 2.5% adrenaline after using an ultimate ability. Grants an additional 2.5% adrenaline per tier of aura up to 10%. Stacks with the Ring of vigour.
  • Inspiration aura: Successful attacks to fill an extra 0.5% of your adrenaline bar.
  • Ring of death: Gives a 50% chance to gain up to 5% adrenaline when defeating a target.
  • Tireless blood essence: Gives a chance to gain 2% adrenaline when defeating a target. Can be activated to gain 15% adrenaline.

Adrenaline stalling

In some situations, a player may want to preserve their adrenaline while not in combat. This is frequently done in the God Wars Dungeon when waiting for boss respawns or when Dungeoneering.

To adrenaline stall, one maintains their combat stance by using certain abilities that are available outside of combat. These are:

  • Anticipation
  • Freedom
  • Escape or Surge (share a cooldown).
  • Resonance (requires a shield)
  • Preparation (requires a shield)
  • Devotion, Revenge, Reflect (threshold ability, requires 50% adrenaline, doesn't use 15% adrenaline outside combat)
    • To be able to use these threshold abilities outside of combat your previous main target has to die or you lose the target by dropping out of combat stance (over 10 seconds out of combat) for a second and losing 5% adrenaline, then using these abilities

To stall effectively, one must use an ability only when their combat stance is about to end. Combat stance lasts for 10 seconds after combat ends.

If in a location preventing use of movement abilities, one can only stall for a short time because of cooldowns. However, the use of a shield provides the abilities Resonance and Preparation and allows infinite stalling anywhere. Note that Revenge and Reflect, while both requiring a shield, are similar to Devotion that they are threshold abilities that do not consume adrenaline out of combat and can be used if something goes wrong.

Adrenaline in NPCs

Some monsters are capable of utilising the adrenaline and ability system.

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