Advanced pickpocketing trainer chathead

An Advanced pickpocketing trainer can be found after the second caper is finished for the Guildmaster of the Thieves' Guild. If the player has a blackjack of any kind, he will also provide the player with a rubber blackjack for use in the guild. He and the coshing volunteers can be lured, knocked out, and looted for a red hanky worth 4 hanky points.

Pickpocketing advanced pickpocket trainer

A player taking his title too literally.

This NPC is an excellent, although click-intensive way of training the Thieving skill. Because he deals negligible damage (1 life point upon failure), no food is required, enabling a player to stay here for long periods of time. 100,000 Thieving experience an hour is not difficult to achieve here.

It is possible to loot the trainer 3 times per lure meaning great exp. It is now also less intensive and faster now as you can now use the space bar during the interface part while you're luring them.

For a table with received experience for a successful loot, please refer to Coshing volunteer.


  • The Advanced pickpocketing trainer is one of the few NPCs in-game to have audio.
  • The Advanced pickpocketing trainer is one of the few NPCs in-game that can be cornered by standing in front of them.
  • When getting back up he says "Anuvva bruise for me collection" and when failing to knock him out he says "You'll 'ave to do be'er 'n that".
  • Despite being called the Advanced pickpocketing trainer, he could only be blackjacked, not pickpocketed, and would stun those who attempt it.
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