Not to be confused with Pulse core.
Advanced pulse core detail

Advanced pulse cores are items obtained from Treasure Hunter from 18 June 2015 0:00 UTC to 21 June 2015 23:59 UTC. They give 150% bonus experience when worn, and will explode after enough experience has been accumulated. Players can choose to lock any skill by choosing the "Toggle skills" option. For example, if they cross out all skills except Summoning, they will only use up the bonus experience if they are training Summoning.

When the advanced pulse core explodes, an effect is given to the player wearing the core and the players around them, giving them a 2% bonus experience buff. Every time another pulse core explodes, another 2% bonus is added to the buff to a maximum of 10% bonus experience. The effect lasts 10 minutes, with the timer being reset every time another pulse core explodes.

Despite the examine text, it gives 50% bonus xp, or 150% total xp. Both xp boosts from pulse cores will stack additively with normal bonus experience (but not Enlightenment aura). At maximum, when all three are active, players can gain up to 2.6x the normal xp.

The pulse core is worn on the pocket slot and is stackable, meaning you can wear multiple pulse cores at once. This allows you to get all the bonus experience without having to check and re-equip pulse cores.

All previously existing pulse cores became this version on 18 June 2015.

Temporary skill boosts

The pulse core can boost skills in 4 categories: Gatherer, Artisan, Support and Combat. When a pulse boosts skills, it affects all skills in the set. Note that the boost doesn't always occur after you finish a core, and thus, you may need to use multiple cores to get the desired boost.

Alternatively, it is possible for it to restore life points or prayer points instead. The amount of life points restored is equivalent to that of a Shark. For prayer points the value is equivalent to a Prayer potion.


  • The pitch of the noise that an (advanced) pulse core makes increases every 1,000 experience that is used.
  • Orbs of blue light orbit the player using an advanced pulse core, increasing in number and complexity as the bonus xp is spent. At later stages, the orbs also turn between blue and red and the frequency increases as the pulse core nears explosion.
  • The pulse core buff stacks with the Clan avatar's skilling buff.
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