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Advisor Ghrim's chathead

Advisor Ghrim is the advisor to King Vargas. He is involved in Throne of Miscellania and Royal Trouble. He helps players to manage the kingdom of Miscellania. He is located on the first floor of the castle in Miscellania. If players ask for advice about managing their kingdom, he will give them a book on the subject, titled Managing Thine Kingdom for Noobes.

Players may also deposit/withdraw money into/from the kingdom's coffers, retrieve the resources their subjects have gathered, and change how many subjects are working on a particular task. Players can right click him and choose 'Manage-Kingdom' or choose 'Collect' to collect their resources. With the NPC Contact spell, players can communicate with Advisor Ghrim from anywhere and can ask about their approval rating. However, they cannot deposit or withdraw money or receive the book on kingdom management.

He will also give players the rewards for the hard Fremennik Province Tasks. After completing them, he will also purchase unnoted flat packs for 10% of the material cost needed to make them. This transaction is independent of the Kingdom Management activity.



  • In the past, players could only find out their approval rating by talking to Advisor Ghrim. After an update, players can now find out the approval by talking to any of the citizens in Miscellania or Etceteria. The RuneScape toolbar also shows approval rating and how much money is in the kingdom's coffers.
  • The only times Advisor Ghrim appears with a jovial expression are while claiming the Fremennik sea boots 3, and when donating flatpacks.
  • After the Treasure Trails update, there were forum posts about gaining abnormally large harvests from managing your kingdom on Miscellania. Shortly after these posts, Jagex changed Advisor Ghrim to when you tried to talk to him you got a message in the chat box saying, "Nothing interesting happens." Shortly after that they changed him again to have a chat message that said, "Please try again later."