Agile legs detail

The agile legs are a piece of weight-reducing clothing earned by completing 250 perfect laps of the Advanced Gnome Stronghold agility course. When worn, they reduce the player's weight by 10 kg.

They require 85 Agility, 80 with a summer pie or a god banner, 81 with abyssal lurker's scroll ability, or 82 with an agility potion to be able to earn this item, not to wear it.

When one has completed 250 non-consecutive laps without failing, they will get the following message in their chatbox: "You've completed 250 perfect laps! Speak to a gnome trainer for your reward." Progress to 250 laps can be checked by talking about rewards with a Gnome Trainer.

If lost, they can be re-obtained by speaking to a Gnome trainer. It is free to re-obtain the legs, and additional laps will not need to be completed to do so.

It can be stored with the Agile Top in the Armour Case of the Costume Room in a Player-owned House.
Combat Stats
Agile set equipped (male)Agile set equipped (female)
CombatSwords HybridLegs slotDefenceArmour72
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 0.945%
Style-Style bonuses

Obtaining the agile legs

It takes roughly around 145-150 summer pies to get the legs from 80 Agility. In the process, the player will most probably gain 81 Agility. At 80 Agility, it is usually 1 bite per lap. At 81 Agility, it is around 1 bite per 3 laps. Failure rate is around 33%. However with extreme luck, and gaining a failure rate of just 6.9% or lower, a player can still gain the legs with only 80 Agility.

If you are using summer pies to boost your Agility level, it is highly advised to use the surefooted aura from the Members Loyalty Programme. This aura will prevent any failure on the agility course. A player could effectively spend 20 minutes (or 40 with greater surefooted) at the course and simply log out, then come back 2 hours later and resume training with perfect laps to get the agile set.


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